One Piece New World Sabo Figuarts Zero Figure Announced!

One Piece Figuarts Zero Sabo Figure Announced

Alright, the worst-kept secret in all of One Piece is now officially out of the bag for both readers and watchers of One Piece: Sabo is alive!

We got our first glimpse of the grown-up version of Luffy’s only surviving brother in the One Piece 15th Anniversary Special two weeks ago, and now the Sabo figure floodgates can officially open! Bandai will be among the first companies to strike, as the Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero figure is scheduled to be released in January 2015!

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One Piece Super Styling Sabo Koala Ace Sugar Figures!

Bandai Super Styling One Piece Sabo Koala Figures

I try desperately hard to keep this site as spoiler-free as absolutely possible for One Piece fans who only watch the One Piece anime and don’t read the One Piece manga. Unfortunately, we’re about to come to a tsunami of One Piece figure announcements that’s going to make being spoiler-free ridiculously difficult.

Case in point? The Bandai One Piece Styling Flame of the Revolution Sabo, Koala, Ace and Sugar figures that are now up for order! Now who could those people be…?

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One Piece Variable Action Heroes Monkey D. Luffy Figure Pre-Order!

One Piece Luffy Variable Action Heroes Action Figure MegaHouse 2015

If I have one big regret as far as One Piece collectibles go, it’s that the Bandai SH Figuarts One Piece figures line was a total flop. I love super-articulated figures, and it hurts me to this day that no super-articulated action figures of the whole Straw Hat Pirates crew exists.

But wait–! There’s hope on the horizon! MegaHouse is stepping up to the bat and taking a swing at super-articulated One Piece figures themselves: the One Piece Variable Action Heroes Monkey D. Luffy is now up for order!

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POP One Piece Portgas D. Ace 10th Anniversary Figure Pre-Order!

One Piece P.O.P 15th Anniversary Fire Fist Ace Figure

MegaHouse surprised us at the Spring 2014 MegaHobby Expo, when they unexpectedly debuted an all-new version of an old favorite: Portgas D. Ace! There’s a lot of pressure on MegaHouse to make the One Piece POP 10th Anniversary Portgas D. Ace figure the best version of Ace ever, and at the Summer 2014 Wonder Festival, we got to see that they were well on their way to making this piece a success! And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived–the One Piece P.O.P Portgas D Ace 10th Anniversary figure is now up for order!

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Bandai One Piece Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi Up for Order!

Flame Flame Fruit Devil Fruit Toy Bandai Japan

At this point in my One Piece collecting life, I have an almost uncountable number of One Piece collectibles. From keychains to cell phone charms to One Piece Figuarts Zero to stuffed animals to WCF figures to One Piece SCultures and Portrait of Pirates figures, the number of One Piece toys I have is well into the triple-digits. But while I have tons of One Piece characters as figures, one thing that my collection was lacking that I didn’t even realize it was lacking was Devil Fruits. But Bandai is going to going to relieve me of this problem and take my money at the same time–the Bandai One Piece Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit) is now up for order!

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One Piece Dressrosa Trafalgar Law Figuarts Zero Figure Pre-Order!

One Piece Figuarts Zero Dressrosa Law Figure Without Hat

Trafalgar Law must be the single most popular anime supporting character in the world–or at least, that’s what you would think seeing the copious amounts of Trafalgar Law figures that get released each year!

The Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Trafalgar Law Dress Rosa Ver. figure is now up for pre-order–and even with all the other Law figures already out there from Bandai and other companies, this one still has some fresh and new things to offer!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Dress Rosa Figure Announced!

One Piece Trafalgar Law Dress Rosa Clothes Anime Screenshot

2014 has been a gigantic disappointment for One Piece Figuarts Zero collectors, with less than ten mass-release Figuarts Zero One Piece figures being released for the entirety of the year.

On the bright side, we’re at least going to be getting a new One Piece FAZ figure to close out the year. But it’s a character some folks are definitely going to groan about, because it’s one that we’ve gotten a, uh, “few” times lately–the One Piece Figuarts Trafalgar Law Dress Rosa Version figure is coming in December 2014!

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One Piece POP Admiral Fujitora Issho Figure Up for Order!

One Piece POP Admiral Fujitora Issho Figure Close-Up

MegaHouse has gotten bitten bad by the One Piece Dress Rosa bug, and is giving us a veritable cornucopia of One Piece POP Dressrosa-themed figures beginning this month! Bellamy was released a week ago, and we’ll be getting a wide variety of Dress Rosa figures for the duration of 2014.

And in November 2014, the Marines will be getting a major reinforcement–the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Fujitora figure is now up for order!

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One Piece Sugar POP Figure Photos & Pre-Order!

P.O.P One Piece Sugar Figure with Licking Head

MegaHouse hasn’t released a One Piece POP MILD scaled figure in several years, so it came as a real surprise at the Spring 2014 MegaHobby Expo when MegaHouse debuted not one, not two, but three small P.O.P One Piece figures!

And one of those figures just happens to be the first small-sized One Piece villain MegaHouse has ever released–the One Piece Sugar POP is now up for pre-order!

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P.O.P One Piece Boa Hancock Red Reissue Announced!

One Piece POP Boa Hancock Red Dress Figure Reissue

If you only started collecting P.O.P One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures in the past one or two years, there’s probably several characters that you’re missing from your collection. Not because you don’t want them, but because those characters haven’t been released in years and cost an arm and leg on the aftermarket.

Luckily, MegaHouse has you covered! The latest One Piece POP figure that will be seeing a reissue in late 2014 is on the way–the red Boa Hacock POP figure is now up for order!

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