2013 Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking & Boa Hancock Pre-Order Info

Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking Unmasked Usopp Battle Ver. Figure

Bandai not only surprised us by unexpectedly showing off 2013 Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking (Usopp Battle Ver.) and Boa Hancock Battle Ver. figures at Jump Festa last weekend, but now they’ve taken us off-guard again by announcing that both figures are going up for pre-order in just another week and a half!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Nami Battle Ver. Figure Review

One Piece Nami Head Close-Up Figuarts Zero Battle Ver. Figure

One of the reasons I’ve been covering the One Piece Figuarts Zero figures on this blog so emphatically is that I want to make sure that one of the most unjustly bashed sources of One Piece merchandise has its positives emphasized. Case in point: the Figuarts Zero One Piece Nami Battle Ver. figure. As soon as this Nami figure was released, photos of one badly-painted figure circulated the web and the bashing and swearing off of the Figuarts Zero Nami Battle Ver. figure began. This figure just looked so nice to me, though, that I went ahead and bought it anyway. And I’m glad I did–despite the negative press it’s received, this Nami figure is my favorite sculpture of her from any company…

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2013 One Piece POP Sailing Again Franky Figure Preview

One Piece Franky Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Figure Poster 2013

We’ve been seeing glimpses and prototypes for well over a year now, but this weekend at Jump Festa 2012 we finally got to see a final prototype of the 2013 Neo-MAXIMUM One Piece Sailing Again P.O.P. Franky Figure in all its glory! And while this Franky figure is decked out with more accessories than you’ve ever seen before from a One Piece POP figure, Franky is also going to cost you a whole lot more when he arrives in July 2013 as well…

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Jump Festa Figuarts Zero One Piece 2013 Figures: Sogeking & Hancock

Figuarts Zero One Piece Boa Hancock Battle Ver. Figure

While not quite as exciting as the One Piece P.O.P. figures that debuted at Jump Festa 2012, Bandai brought some new One Piece Figuarts Zero figures to display at the show as well! The only totally new figure Bandai introduced at the show is the 100% newly-tooled Boa Hancock Battle Ver. figure. This is Hancock in a red dress not previously released in figure form, which Hancock wears during an early encounter with Luffy. Battle Ver. Boa Hancock is captured doing one of her signature attacks: the “deadly” (sort of) Love Pistol!

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One Piece 2013 POP Figures Revealed at Jump Festa 2012!

One Piece POP Whitebeard Ver. 0 Figure 2013 Jump Festa

Jump Festa 2012 began in Japan today, and while many collectors (including myself) thought MegaHouse had already played their full hand of One Piece P.O.P. figures at last month’s MegaHobby Expo, they still had some Portrait of Pirates 2013 cards left to play!

One never-before-seen One Piece Film Z POP figure, one unexpected modified Ver. 0 figure, and one exclusive repaint were all unveiled at the show: Sanji Edition-Z, Whitebeard Ver. 0, and BEAMS Chopper Edition-Z!

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One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Battle Luffy & Ain Figures Released!

One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero Luffy Decisive Battle Figure Bandai Boxed

The very first two Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Z figures have now been released in Japan: Ain and Monkey D. Luffy! While these figures won’t be arriving in American stores for a little while yet, Luffy and Ain are now out in Japan. And while a lot of collectors are skeptical of the quality of the One Piece Figuarts Zero in general, both of these figures came out great and look absolutely tremendous!

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One Piece WCF Vol 29 Hyouzou Figure Review (Banpresto)

One Piece WCF Vol. 29 Hyouzou Figure Banpresto

One branch of One Piece toys that I was pretty oblivious of until this summer was the Banpresto One Piece World Collectible Figures (WCF) line. The line isn’t nearly as famous as the MegaHouse One Piece POP Figure line or even the Bandai Figuarts Zero, and it’s not widely-imported to North America. But once I oogled the figures, I knew I’d be buying some soon enough. And thus, my first-ever One Piece WCF figure arrived last week from Asia: The greatest Fishman swordsman (sorry Hachi), Hyouzou!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Monkey D. Luffy New World Ver Figure Review

Figuarts Zero One Piece Monkey D. Luffy New World Ver. Figure

One Piece Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy New World Ver. is the very first Luffy item of any kind that I’m reviewing on this blog. It’s pretty crazy, but I’ve actually managed to get by this long without any coverage of the main character of the entire One Piece saga. Luffy wouldn’t stand for being second to anyone, though, so today he gets his day in the sun with my very first Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Monkey D. Luffy figure review! And though this is the first Luffy toy I’m reviewing, he’s going to be tough to top…

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One Piece POP Sailing Again Nami Figure Review MegaHouse

One Piece Sailing Again P.O.P. Nami Figure Close-Up MegaHouse

Although she’ll never be the strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, the cat burglar and navigator Nami is unquestionably one of the most popular characters in One Piece and all of anime and manga. So when it came time for MegaHouse to begin their post time-skip One Piece P.O.P. Sailing Again line of excellent models, Nami was alongside Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper in the first trio of figure releases. Though there is tons of Nami merchandise (and previous One Piece POP figures) on the market, this Sailing Again Portrait of Pirates Nami figure is extremely nice and definitely worthy of joining any One Piece fan’s collection…

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