One Piece POP EX Boa Hancock Blue Ver. Limited Figure Released!

2013 One Piece Portrait of Pirates Blue Boa Hancock EX

It seems like just yesterday that we got the Shiliew POP, but it was actually nearly an entire month ago that we got the Portrait of Pirates Shiryu figure! So, like most months, MegaHouse is ready to hit us One Piece collectors up again–and this time, it’s for a a limited Neo-EX figure: keep your hands to yourself, boys–it’s the Snake Princess, Boa Hancock Blue Ver.!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Chopper (New World Ver.) Figure Review

One Piece Chopper Figure In The Wild

When it comes to One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, I know that I’m one of the most positive reviewers around. I feel like Bandai gets a really bad rap for the few bad figures in the line, while the majority of the Figuarts Zero One Piece figures released are pretty fantastic. Ordinarily I review the better figures Bandai has released, but today I’m got one of the not-so-great releases: the Figuarts Zero One Piece Tony Tony Chopper (New World Ver.) figure…

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Dr. Hiluluk & Chopper Figures Up for Order!

Figuarts Zero One Piece Chopper and Dr. Hiluluk Figures July 2013

Last week we broke the news that the long-thought-cancelled One Piece Dr. Hiluluk Figuarts Zero figure would finally be released in Summer 2013, and now Bandai has followed up with official photos of not just Dr. Hiluluk, but a brand-new pack-in Tony Tony Chopper figure that will be accompanying him! Get ready, Figuarts Zero One Piece fans–this is one top-notch, incredible set!

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2013 Figuarts Zero One Piece Basil Hawkins & X-Drake Released!

Figuarts Zero One Piece 2013 Basil Hawkins and X-Drake Figures Box

Going through One Piece figure withdrawal? Not enough new characters being released as figures for you? Bandai can help! This week overseas, Bandai finally released two of the Eleven Supernovas who had never been released as part of a major figure line before–it’s the 2013 Figuarts Zero One Piece Basil Hawkins and X-Drake figures!

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One Piece Z WCF Film Z Vol. 4 Released w/ Zetto, Ain, Binz, Aokiji!

One Piece Z WCF PX-Z Pacifista Figure Vol. 4

It’s a big day in Japan for One Piece Z fans, as the One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 4 set has finally been released today (March 14, 2013)! This is the fourth and final One Piece Z WCF series to be released (based on the One Piece Film Z anime movie), and in my opinion, it’s easily the most diverse and exciting set of the four…

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2013 One Piece POP Neo DX Shanks Up for Pre-Order!

One Piece Shanks POP Neo DX Figure 2013 Close-Up

The month of March has arrived, and with it comes this month’s MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure pre-order. And this month is a big one–it’s one of the most anticipated remakes ever in the line: One Piece POP Shanks, captain of the Red-Haired Pirates! While there have been two One Piece Portrait of Pirates Shanks figures released before this 2013 version, this one absolutely blows his predecessors out of the water and stands tall as the greatest Shanks figure of all-time!

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One Piece POP Neo DX Shiryu Unboxing Photos & Thoughts!

One Piece 2013 POP Shiryu Box In Plastic Wrap

I’m quite certain that I’ve never received a One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure imported from Japan within a week of its release–but there’s a first time for everything, and that time has come! Today I received–hot off the plane from Japan–it’s the brand-new One Piece POP Shiryu Neo-DX Figure! While I won’t have a full review and photo gallery ready for a few days, I thought I’d tide you guys over with some unboxing photos and my early impressions of Blackbeard’s right-hand man!

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One Piece CP9 Chess Piece Collection in July 2013!

One Piece CP9 Chess Piece Collection Poster

MegaHouse is set to release their fourth One Piece Chess Piece Collection in July 2013, and this set is special because it’s featuring an assortment of characters who rarely get their face on merchandising. One Piece Chess Piece Collection R Vol. 4 will feature the entire CP9 (Cipher Pol 9) team from the epic Water 7 arc of One Piece! Rob Lucci is back–and he’s brought all his “friends”…

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One Piece Punk Hazard Law’s Ambition Chozokei Damashii Announced!

One Piece Chozokei Damashii Law's Ambition Punk Hazard Set

Last year Bandai kicked off their One Piece New World-themed Chozokeii Damashii line with two different sets of figures depicting the Straw Hat Pirates in their outfits from the Fishman Island arc of the One Piece anime and manga. While those sets were cool, they were a little, uh… lacking… in character diversity. I thought Bandai might do another set with Hody Jones and some of the New Fishman Pirates, but Bandai had other ideas–they’re jumping straight to the extremely popular Punk Hazard arc with heavy-hitters like Shichibukai Trafalgar Law, Tashigi, and Vice-Admiral Smoker!

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