One Piece Film Z Sanji P.O.P. Edition-Z MegaHouse Figure Released!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sanji Z Edition Figure Box

Plenty of people said it would never happen, but MegaHouse has done the unthinkable–they’ve released five One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures–three of which brand new–in one month’s time! Earlier in the month of September 2013, MegaHouse released One Piece POP Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard Ver. 0 and a reissue of the original Whitebeard. Now we can add onto that a reissue of POP Sailing Again Nico Robin and the all-new, all-awesome One Piece Z POP Sanji Edition Z figure!

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One Piece Portrait of Pirates Nami Mugiwara Ver. Photos & Order Info!

One Piece P.O.P. Nami Mugiwara Edition Figure MegaHouse Poster

Though we only saw her sweep into her life a few weeks ago, the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Nami Mugiwara Ver. figure is set to have one of the fastest turnaround times in recent history, as she’s already gone up for pre-order and is scheduled to be released in February 2013!

While the One Piece POP Nami Mugiwara Ver. figure doesn’t win the prize for the most risque figure Nami’s ever done, she still won’t be for everyone…

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MegaHouse One Piece POP Neo-EX Whitebeard Ver. 0 Figure Released!

Whitebeard Ver. 0 POP One Piece Portrait of Pirates MegaHouse Figure

The legendary King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger finally arrived in One Piece Portrait of Pirates excellent model form last week… but he didn’t come alone! No, Gold Roger traveled to us through time, along with an older version of another dead character.

Though this isn’t a character version that I remember a lot of (or any) people clamoring for, the MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P. Whitebeard Ver. 0 figure has now been released overseas!

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Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Caesar Clown Figure Review

Punk Hazard Caesar Clown Figure One Piece Figuarts Zero Bandai 2013

Caesar Clown is a character that I was pretty certain I was going to loathe the first time he popped up on my screen watching the One Piece anime. I thought he was going to be a lame rehash of Gekko Moriah (a character that makes me want to punch things whenever he’s on screen)–but as things have turned out, I find Caesar Clown to be one of the more refreshing and intelligent One Piece villains. I suspect figure companies didn’t have high aspirations for Caesar either, as the only major figure of the character released thus far has been the Bandai Figuarts Zero Caesar Clown figure. Luckily, he’s a masterpiece…

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro Rengoku Onigiri Released!

Figuarts Zero One Piece Roronoa Zoro Rengoku Onigiri Battle Ver Box

MegaHouse has been making One Piece collectors slog through delay after delay throughout the last few months, but Bandai has kept on chugging along and gotten every new One Piece Figuarts Zero figure out right on time.

So it’s no surprise that, just as promised, the September 2013 Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro Rengoku Onigiri Battle Ver. 2 figure has now been released overseas…

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One Piece P.O.P. Gol D Roger MegaHouse Figure Released!

One Piece POP Gol D Roger MegaHouse Figure Box

He’s arriving a little bit later than expected, but I guess that’s still pretty good for a guy who’s been dead for over twenty years! Though the MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates Gol D. Roger figure was expected to be released in August 2013, he took a bit longer than was expected.

But the time has come, and the legendary Pirate King has made his debut–the One Piece POP Gol D Roger MegaHouse figure has now been released!

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One Piece POP 2014 Princess Vivi Figure Photos & Order Info!

One Piece P.O.P. 2014 Princess Vivi Nefertari Figure Close-Up

One of my favorite characters in the One Piece manga and anime that doesn’t quite end up joining the Straw Hat Pirates is the Princess of Alabasta, Vivi Neferteri. When I started seriously collecting One Piece figures, Princess Vivi was high on my want list of characters. To my dismay, I discovered that Bandai and Banpresto hadn’t made Princess Vivi figures at all, and the One Piece POP Princess Vivi figure was pretty terrible. But to my eternal gratitude, MegaHouse has created an all-new and vastly superior One Piece P.O.P. Neo-DX Vivi Neferteri as part of their 2014 lineup–and Vivi is now up for order!

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2014 One Piece POP Neo EX Crocodile Repaint Figure Up for Order!

One Piece POP Crocodile Repaint Ver. Figure MegaHouse Poster

One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure collectors all seem to be missing most of the same figures from their collections, and that’s because those figures have gotten really, really expensive on the secondary market following their original release. One such figure is the first Shichibukai that Monkey D. Luffy faces off against–the leader of Baroque Works himself, Mr. 0–Crocodile. Crocodile has been among the most expensive One Piece P.O.P. figures to acquire on the aftermarket. Or at least–he was until now

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One Piece SCultures Series 2 Perona Figure Colosseum II Released!

One Piece SCultures Perona Box Vol. 2 Series II

One of the most unheralded One Piece action figure lines that’s beginning to grow both in quality and in popularity is the Banpresto One Piece SCultures Figure Colosseum series.

While we’ve been waiting what seems like forever for the Banpresto Figure Colosseum II figures to be released, SCultures Princess Shirahoshi finally swam in last month, and this week Japan released the second entry in SCultures Series 2: Perona, the Ghost Princess!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Film Z Brook Figure Review (Web Exclusive)

One Piece Film Z Brook Figuarts Zero Figure Head Close-Up

It’s probably good that Brook is my favorite character in the One Piece anime and manga for a couple of reasons. Firstly, toy companies don’t seem to make a ton of Brook figures, so I don’t go bankrupt trying to buy them all (and believe me, I buy virtually every new Brook figure that comes out). But the other reason is that it’s good that my favorite character is Brook is that every Brook One Piece figure that does come out is fantastic. Case in point is the subject of today’s review: the Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Film Z Brook figure!

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