One Piece POP Luffy Edition-Z Figure Released & Photos!

One Piece Z P.O.P. Luffy Figure Released

For whatever reason, MegaHouse has a really hard time capturing the main character of One Piece–Monkey D. Luffy–in plastic form. It seems rather bizarre that the One Piece P.O.P. Luffy figures keep turning out wrong, considering how many MegaHouse has produced at this point, but MegaHouse just hasn’t been able to nail Luffy’s likeness.

At least, not until now. Just released overseas and now available for order–it’s the fantastic One Piece P.O.P. Edition-Z Monkey D. Luffy figure! And I’m declaring him the best MegaHouse Luffy ever right now.

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Winter WonderFest 2014: One Piece POP Momonosuke Painted!

MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates Momonosuke Figure Close-Up

Last weekend the latest major Japanese collectibles event took place–the Winter Wonder Festival (WonderFest) 2014! I had been planning on doing a bunch of coverage of the event here on One Piece Z to discuss all of the new figures debuted at the show. Except a funny thing happened–there really weren’t any new One Piece figures shown at the Winter WonderFest 2014 at all.

As disappointing as that is, at least we got to see painted versions of a couple of previously-shown sculpts, including the upcoming One Piece P.O.P. Momonosuke figure…

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Fujitora Issho Figure Announced!

One Piece Fujitora Issho Anime Screenshot

2014 has been a pretty bleak year for Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece figure collectors. In the first five months of the year, there are a grand total of two new sculpts being released, both of which terrible Battle Versions of previously-released characters (Trafalgar Law and Red-Haired Shanks). We’re getting a number of shiny repaints of old figures as well, but there was little announced in the way of truly “new“. However, in August 2014 a legitimately exciting and totally new figure will be released–the Issho Fujitora Figuarts Zero figure! Of course, there is a catch…

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One Piece SCultures Brook Figure Released & Photos!

One Piece SCultures Brook Figure Released

Sometimes you wait so long for a figure to be released that when it finally is, the whole world feels surreal. Such is the case with this Banpresto One Piece Colosseum Brook figure, which one of the very first figures that I previewed back when I opened this site in 2012.

I’ve been pining away for this One Piece SCultures Brook figure for so long that I’m honestly in a bit of disbelief that SCultures Brook’s actually available to order now. And I’m happy to say that this is One Piece SCultures Series 2 figure that was well worth the agonizingly long wait…

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