One Piece POP Corazon & Law Set Revealed! MegaHobby EXPO

One Piece Corazon POP Figure Prototype MegaHobby EXPO 2015 Summer

While MegaHouse debuted a huge number of new characters and figures from a variety of anime at the Summer 2015 MEGAHobby EXPO, the show turned out to be a rather monumental disappointment for One Piece P.O.P. collectors. With three BooBy POP BB Ver. figures premiering at the event, there was but one other major reveal for the line… but it’s a good one! It’s the sure-to-be best-selling One Piece Portrait of Pirates Corazon & Child Law figures!

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One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z Photos & Pre-Order!

One Piece POP Nami Ver. BB Figure

About a month ago, word broke that MegaHouse had finally announced a One Piece Film Z Nami Portrait of Pirates figure! With having been over a year since the release of the last POP Edition Z figure, I was stoked for the Nami Edition-Z figure. And now, after all this time, the One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z figure is available for order!

But, uh… unfortunately, this Nami Film Z figure isn’t exactly what I was expecting…

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