One Piece Variable Action Heroes Luffy Figure Review

One Piece VAH Monkey D. Luffy Figure Review

There’s been no shortage of different non-articulated One Piece figure and statues over the years, with hundreds of PVC figures of various characters in different scales available.

But for those who fancy super-articulated, poseable figures, life was pretty bleak–until last year, when the MegaHouse One Piece Variable Action Heroes figures arrived! The Variable Action Heroes Luffy figure is definitely not cheap, but is he good…? Awwwwww yeah.

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One Piece King of Artist Sanji Figure Up for Order! Banpresto

One Piece King of Artist Sanji Banpresto Figure

I’ve been talking a lot lately about spectacular One Piece figures that have already been released by Banpresto, but tonight I’m going to turn the spotlight on one that hasn’t yet been released. Sanji hasn’t exactly been relevant in the One Piece anime for the last year or more, but fans thirsting for new Sanji merch will soon have their needs met: the impressive 10″ Banpresto King of Artist Sanji figure is now available for order!

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Banpresto One Piece SCultures Sabo Figure Review Photos

One Piece SCultures Sabo Figure Review

While all the other One Piece collectibles licensees have been dropping the ball for the past year-plus, Banpresto has continued to fight the good fight with new characters and unique poses.

But there are some cash-cow characters that Banpresto can’t avoid doing, and Luffy’s other brother is one of them. The Banpresto Sabo SCultures figure is available for about $20 shipped online–and at that price, it’s another steal…

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One Piece POP Kabuki Luffy Limited Figure Up for Order!

One Piece POP Kabuki Luffy Figure Poster

It is truly a testament to how far MegaHouse has fallen in the past years that I’m talking about a “Kabuki Monkey D. Luffy Portrait of Pirates figure” today and it’s not even the oddest One Piece POP figure I’ve talked about this week! Yes, you read this right: this article is about a Kabuki-themed PVC figure of Monkey D. Luffy. But hey, as insane as it’s going to sound, this figure is actually pretty spectacular! The limited One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kabuki Luffy figure is now up for order–should you order one?

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One Piece POP Female Trafalgar Law Figure Up for Order!

One Piece POP IRO Trafalgar Law Poster

Having been encouraged by the outstanding One Piece products that Banpresto has been releasing, I’ve somehow managed to muster the strength to talk about the latest MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures to go up for order.

And of all the weird choices MegaHouse has made over the years, none is more bizarre than this one: the gender-bender female Trafalgar Law P.O.P figure is now up for order!

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One Piece History of Law WCF Figures Discounted Online!

One Piece WCF History of Law Figures Series

I do my best to keep up with pre-orders for all the import toys I want in my life, but sometimes figures slip through the cracks. Such was the case with Banpresto History of Law series of figures, which I thought the chances of owning for an affordable price at this point were zero.

But those who missed the boat like me have another chance at this set--all of the One Piece History of Law WCF figures are now available online, and most of them are discounted to $5-$9 each!

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One Piece Scultures Luffy Strong World Review & Photos

SCultures Luffy Strong World Review

Let there be absolutely no doubt about it: we are living in a very dark time for One Piece collecting, with the two “main” One Piece toy lines (MegaHouse POP and Bandai Figuarts Zero) on life support.

But there are still some real gems out there, and one of them is the subject of today’s review! You can get the Strong World Luffy SCultures figure for $22 shipped onlineand you definitely should do so!

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Banpresto One Piece Film Gold WCF Figures Revealed!

One Piece Film Gold WCF Figures Vol 1 White Outfits

No, believe it or not, I have not suddenly stopped liking One Piece. Nor have I abandoned collecting One Piece figures. However, like a lot of One Piece toy collectors out there, I’m feeling abandoned myself right now, as the number of new characters and figurines coming out has dwindled to almost a halt. But hopefully things are going to be picking up in 2016 with this summer’s release of One Piece Film Gold, and as usual, the first company to capitalize on the movie is Banpresto! Coming later this year: Banpresto One Piece Film Gold WCF figures of the whole Mugiwaras crew and more!

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