Bandai One Piece Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi Up for Order!

At this point in my One Piece collecting life, I have an almost uncountable number of One Piece collectibles. From keychains to cell phone charms to One Piece Figuarts Zero to stuffed animals to WCF figures to One Piece SCultures and Portrait of Pirates figures, the number of One Piece toys I have is well into the triple-digits. But while I have tons of One Piece characters as figures, one thing that my collection was lacking that I didn’t even realize it was lacking was Devil Fruits. But Bandai is going to going to relieve me of this problem and take my money at the same time–the Bandai One Piece Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit) is now up for order!

Flame Flame Fruit Devil Fruit Toy Bandai Japan

With there literally being thousands upon thousands of One Piece figures out there these days from various companies, it takes something pretty amazing to catch my attention. But what do you know? Bandai Japan figured out just the thing: a life-size One Piece Devil Fruit toy!

From the blazing orange color to the sculpting detail of the little flames, the Mera Mera no Mi toy looks like one of Oda-sensei’s drawings from the One Piece manga brought to life! It sounds like a dull toy on paper, but I love this thing.

Scale Photo of Six Inch Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit Toy Bandai ExclusiveWith a diameter of 150mm (about 5.9″), Bandai has crafted an amazing reproduction of the Flare Flare Fruit (sometimes translated as the “Flame Flame Fruit”), the Devil Fruit power of the ridiculously popular Portgas D. Ace (Luffy’s dead older brother). When you see this life-size One Piece Devil Fruit toy being held by a real human, the scale looks totally perfect!

Could I gain Logia-type powers by eating this plastic fruit…? We’ll find out later this year!

Mera Mera No Mi Devil Fruit with Real FruitsWith a diameter of a little under 6″, the Flame Flame Fruit may not sound that big, but it’s actually gigantic compared to most fruit that you’ll find in your pantry or local grocery store. It looks pretty great displayed next to commonplace fruit like apples and bananas, though, doesn’t it?

One Piece Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi Scale Photo with One Piece Styling Figures

It wouldn’t have occurred to me to stick out-of-scale One Piece figures around the Flare Flare Fruit toy, but it does make an awfully cool centerpiece when surrounded by One Piece Styling figures. And before the end of the year, we’ll be able to surround the Flame Flame fruit with higher-quality One Piece Figuarts Zero Dressrosa figures as well as One Piece Portrait of Pirates Dressrosa figures!

With the importance of the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit as the central driving force behind the entire Corrida Colosseum portion of the Dress Rosa arc of the One Piece anime and manga, I think that this particular Devil Fruit is definitely significant enough to warrant its own toy replica.

Close-Up of Bandai Devil Fruit One Piece Flame Flame FruitThe One Piece Flare Flare Fruit toy is now available for order online, and is scheduled to be released in December 2014. But keep in mind that the Mera Mera no Mi is a limited Asia-only release and will sell out long before it actually ships. If you want this Devil Fruit for your collection (and I sure do), now is the time to lock it in.

What do you think of Bandai Japan’s first-ever One Piece Devil Fruit, One Piece fans? Would you like to see more Devil Fruit toys released beyond the Mera Mera no Mi, or are you satisfied with one (or zero) Devil Fruits in your One Piece collectibles collection?


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  1. It s not especially for this article but i just want to say that you re doing a fantastic job with this website for the one piece fan like me.

    keep it up Thank you

  2. wow sold out already, that was fast. I do like the thought of devil fruit but I’m not the biggest Ace fan maybe Luffy’s gum gum fruit.