Banpresto One Piece Film Gold WCF Figures Revealed!

No, believe it or not, I have not suddenly stopped liking One Piece. Nor have I abandoned collecting One Piece figures. However, like a lot of One Piece toy collectors out there, I’m feeling abandoned myself right now, as the number of new characters and figurines coming out has dwindled to almost a halt. But hopefully things are going to be picking up in 2016 with this summer’s release of One Piece Film Gold, and as usual, the first company to capitalize on the movie is Banpresto! Coming later this year: Banpresto One Piece Film Gold WCF figures of the whole Mugiwaras crew and more!

One Piece Film Gold WCF Figures Vol 1 White Outfits

As usual, Banpresto appears to be the one and only toy manufacturer that we can count on to give us the entirety of the Straw Hat Pirates in their variety of movie costumes. For One Piece GOLD, the Straw Hats will each be seen wearing at least three sets of new clothing: whimsical sunbathing outfits (of course!), black leather outfits, and–my favorite–white casino costumes.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the Straw Hats’ white outfits at first, but now that I’ve had a chance to take them in, I’ve really grown to appreciate them. I think there’s little hope of MegaHouse releasing this set of Film Gold Mugiwaras in any form, but I’m thrilled to see that Banpresto will be giving us the whole crew in their casino white costumes (and most likely in their black leather costumes and sunbathing outfits as well)!

One Piece Film Gold WCF Figures Vol 2 Nami Zoro BanprestoAs of now, two different series (volumes) of One Piece Film Gold WCF figures have been revealed, with both sets having a scheduled release date of July 2016. The case ratios are as follows:

WCF One Piece Film Gold Vol. 1:

  • (10) White Costume Monkey D. Luffy
  • (8) White Costume Sanji
  • (8) White Costume Nico Robin
  • (6) White Costume Tony Tony Chopper
  • (6) White Costume Franky
  • (6) White Costume Brook
  • (6) White Costume Usopp

WCF One Piece Film Gold Vol. 2:

  • (10) One Piece Gold Roronoa Zoro
  • (10) One Piece Gold Nami
  • (6) Film Gold Mystery Figure “C”
  • (8) Film Gold Mystery Figure “D”
  • (6) Film Gold Mystery Figure “E”
  • (6) Film Gold Mystery Figure “F”
  • (4)  Film Gold Mystery Figure “G”

One Piece Film Gold Straw Hats White Casino OutfitsAs has been the case with all of the recent series of figures released, Diamond Comics Distribution will be making these figures available in the United States as individuals and full case packs, with no need to try to win the figurines from crane games or other such insanity as the poor Asian collectors have to deal with. Thanks, Diamond Select!

I’ll send out an alert via the One Piece Z Facebook Page once these figures go up for order domestically, so make sure to follow us on social media if you don’t already do so.

What do you think of the first PVC figures revealed for One Piece Film Gold? Are you getting excited for the possibility of new versions of old favorites (and perhaps even a new character or two) getting released in plastic figure form this summer, One Piece collectors? Which of these World Collectible Figures–if any (or all!)–are you planning on adding to your collecting?

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