Banpresto One Piece SCultures Series 2 Blackbeard Figure Released!

Though the wait time for the Banpresto One Piece SCultures Series II figures to begin coming out was excruciating, now that they’ve started to be released they’re coming fast and furiously! SCultures Crocodile was released just a few weeks ago, right on the heels of SCultures Perona, and now the One Piece SCultures II Vol. 4 figure has arrived. Beware the Blackbeard Pirates: the SCultures Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach figure has arrived, and is now available for ordering!

Banpresto One Piece Scultures Series 2 Blackbeard Action FigureThough he really hasn’t had a ton of screentime in the OnePiece anime, nor pages in the One Piece manga, it’s hard to argue against Marshall D. Teach being one of the most powerful and deadly enemies in the One Piece universe. Even so, Blackbeard hasn’t had as much major figure merch released as you might expect–he’s had only one extremely rare Figuarts Zero figure released (the Blackbeard Figuarts Zero figure routinely sells for $80 and up now), plus two versions of the Portrait of Pirates Blackbeard P.O.P. that have been released. So this SCultures Blackbeard figure is actually only the second Blackbeard toy released in this scale.

Marshall D. Teach Blackbeard SCultures Series 2 Figure Back

I absolutely love Banpresto for putting their One Piece Scultures Series 2 Blackbeard figure into such a dynamic, action-oriented pose! The Figuarts Blackbeard and P.O.P. Blackbeard figures are all in this static “just kinda standing there looking evil” pose, but the Marshall D. Teach Blackbeard SCultures figure is ready for action and poised to strike, with his knees bent to pounce and his captain’s jacket flapping in the air behind him. This Blackbeard Teach action figure isn’t just here to cackle–he means business!

Close-Up of Detail on One Piece SCultures Series II Blackbeard FigureI’m actually very impressed with the high level of detail and paint applications on this One Piece SCultures Marshall D. Teach figure. I’m amazed with how good-looking Blackbeard’s rings and necklace are, and I love the translucent bottle of rum tucked into Teach’s pants! This is easily the most fun version of Marshall D. Teach that I’ve seen any company release as a toy.

One Piece SCultures Blackbeard Figure Released by BanprestoThe One Piece SCultures II Blackbeard figure has now been released in Asia and is available for importing via ebay for as low as $29 shipped. I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of the second series of Banpresto SCultures figures, and as this figure shipped is cheaper than most Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, this Blackbeard is a definite purchase for me.

What do you think of the final production version of the Marshall D. Teach Blackbeard SCultures figure, One Piece fans? Is there a place on your shelf for this Blackbeard action figure?

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