One Piece SCultures Kinemon Figure Review & Photos

One Piece SCultures Kin'emon Figure Review

When the fiery samurai Kinemon joined the recurring cast of the Mugiwaras in early 2013 as part of the Punk Hazard arc, I was certain that it was only a matter of time until we were buried in figures and toys for such a prominent character. But a funny thing happened–almost two years passed, and zero major figures of Kin’emon were released. But to my delight, the Banpresto SCultures Kinemon figure I ordered online arrived this fall–and it is awesome

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One Piece Figure Colosseum Dressrosa Trafalgar Law Figure Photos!

One Piece SCultures III Trafalgar Law Figure Dressrosa

When I started discussing the Banpresto One Piece 2014 SCultures last month, I wanted to avoid talking about the SCultures Trafalgar Law figure, as it depicted Law in his post-timeskip Dressrosa attire that we hadn’t seen yet in the anime at that time.

Well, we’ve had a few episodes of the One Piece anime Dress Rosa arc now for that new costume to sink in, so now I feel free and clear to talk about the One Piece Trafalgar Law SCultures Series III figure…

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One Piece Nico Olvia Grandline Lady DX Banpresto Figure Review

One Piece Nico Olvia Grandline Lady DX Figure by Banpresto

There are not a lot of characters of any import in One Piece that haven’t been made into at least some kind of figure by a major company, but Nico Olvia–mother of Straw Hat Pirate Nico Robin–was one of these rare characters that hadn’t yet been visited by the merchandise fairy. But rejoice, One Piece collectors! Banpresto has come to the rescue of Nico lovers worldwide, and included Nico Olvia in their One Piece Grandline Lady DX Figure Series 2! If only Banpresto’s paint department was as inspiring as their character selection…

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