One Piece DX Grandline Lady Nico Robin & Olivia Figures Released!

One Piece DX Grandline Lady Vol 2 Nico Robin and Nico Olivia Figures

While this week may have been a holiday for Americans (and let’s face it–the busiest shopping week of the year as well), it’s business as usual in Japan with another hot set of figure releases: Banpresto’s One Piece DX Grandline Lady Vol. 2 series! Grandline Lady Volume 2 is one of the most-anticipated releases of the entire year for the One Piece DX figures, as it contains two all-star characters: …

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One Piece WCF Vol. 29 Fishman Island Figures Released!

One Piece WCF TV 233-240 Box Figures Set of 8

Today in Japan the newest set of One Piece World Collectable Figures was released: Volume 29! One Piece WCF Vol. 29 is based upon characters from the beginning of the “Fishman Island” arc of the One Piece anime and manga, before the Royal Family and Hody Jones appear. Hence, that’s why the Flying Dutchman is in this set despite there not being a WCF Vander Decken figure yet–Decken didn’t appear …

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Shanks & Ben Beckman Released!

Shanks Climactic Fight Version Figuarts Zero One Piece Figure

On Saturday, November 17th a new pair of Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero figures sailed into stores in Japan: Captain Red-Haired Shanks and Ben Beckman of the Red-Haired Pirates! This is the third figure of Red-Haired Shanks released in the Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece collection. The first was a standard Shanks released at the very beginning of the line back in 2010, while the second was an unpopular Strong …

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One Piece Grandline Men DX Fisher Tiger and Arlong Figures Revealed

Grandline Men DX Fisher Tiger Figure Banpresto 2013 One Piece

There was so much news at the 30th Banpresto Prize Fair that I’m still working my way through covering all of the cool new One Piece figures shown at the event. Today I’ve got the two newest reveals in Banpresto’s One Piece Grandline Men DX Figure line: Captain Fisher Tiger and Arlong of the Sun Pirates. This is an especially compelling pair of figures to release, because of the three …

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One Piece Chibi Arts Boa Hancock Blue Version Announced!

Chibi Arts Boa Hancock with Salome Blue Version

For a dress that Boa Hancock only wears in a few panels of the One Piece manga and to-date hasn’t worn at all in the One Piece anime, the Boa Hancock Blue Version sure gets around in toy form! First the One Piece P.O.P. (Portrait of Pirates) Boa Hancock Blue Ver. figure by MegaHouse went up for pre-order last week, and now Bandai has announced and revealed an all-new One …

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One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Figure Revealed!

One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Mech Figure

One of the coolest new items that debuted last week at the Banpresto 30th Prize Fair was the first figure in a new brand of the One Piece World Collectable Figures line: WCF Mega Franky Shogun! The Iron Pirate Franky Shogun is a robot-like mech armor that Franky built during the two year time-skip, utilizing Dr. Vegapunk’s designs as a template. It first appears in the Fishman Island arc during …

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One Piece World Collectable Figure Series 31 Revealed!

One Piece WCF 31 Prince Manboshi and Prince Ryuboshi

A the 30th Banpresto Prize Fair this week, fans finally got to see the much anticipated One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) Series 31! This is the second Fishman Island themed series of One Piece WCF figures, and features many figures guaranteed to be popular. The complete figure list is: Princess Shirahoshi Prince Fukaboshi Prince Ryuboshi Prince Manboshi King Neptune Minister of the Left Minister of the Right Captain Crab-Hand …

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One Piece Portrait of Pirates Shiliew P.O.P. Neo-DX Up for Order!

One Piece POP Neo-DX Shiliew Figure Close-Up

Along with the limited Boa Hancock figure, MegaHouse opened pre-orders today for a regular release Portrait of Pirates Neo-DX figure: Shiliew (Shiryu) of the Rain! Shiliew is introduced in the Impel Down arc of One Piece. He is formerly the head jailer of Impel Down, but his brutality and unruliness caused Magellan to imprison Shiliew on Level 6 with all of the worst criminals. Shiliew is recruited by Marshall D. …

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One Piece POP Neo-EX Limited Boa Hancock Blue Version Up for Order!

Boa Hancock POP Neo EX Limited Figure Portrait of Pirates

Today is a pretty exciting day for One Piece Portrait of Pirates fans, as two new P.O.P. figures go up for order today. One is especially compelling, as it’s the next Limited exclusive figure: One Piece POP Neo-EX Boa Hancock Blue Ver.! As you might have guessed from the name of this figure, it’s the same old One Piece Portrait of Pirates Neo-DX Boa Hancock figure that was previously released …

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