It’s probably good that Brook is my favorite character in the One Piece anime and manga for a couple of reasons. Firstly, toy companies don’t seem to make a ton of Brook figures, so I don’t go bankrupt trying to buy them all (and believe me, I buy virtually every new Brook figure that comes out). But the other reason is that it’s good that my favorite character is Brook is that every Brook One Piece figure that does come out is fantastic. Case in point is the subject of today’s review: the Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Film Z Brook figure!

One Piece Film Z Brook Figuarts Zero Figure Head Close-UpThe Right:

Let me start with an unlikely positive to begin the review: the packaging. The One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero figures come in absolutely beautiful boxes covered in compelling artwork and designs. I wasn’t too impressed when I saw photos of the One Piece Z Figuarts Zero figures online for the first time, but I was blown away by the style of these boxes once I saw them in person.

One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Brook Box Front Bandai Web Exclusive

The black and red portrait of Brook on the box front is striking and looks beyond cool–it really makes the Figuarts Zero One Piece Z boxes stand out from the regular One Piece FAZ releases, and it makes me half-wish Bandai would opt for this type of box design for all their One Piece Figuarts Zero figures.

The back of the box features close-ups and images of the Brook figure from different angles, while the sides of the box show Brook as well as a complete set of all nine Bandai Web Shop exclusive One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero figures. The collectors who get all nine of these figures are going to end up with a downright amazing display.

One Piece Film Z Bandai Figuarts Zero Brook Figure PackagingBut enough about the box–let’s talk about the action figure inside. The actual One Piece Figuarts Zero Brook Film Z figure looks absolutely amazing. I had heard some people criticize the quality control on the One Piece Film Z Brook Figuarts Zero figure based on Internet photos, but based on the figure I got, those nitpicks are unwarranted. The paint applications on my Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Brook figure are applied perfectly, without paint slop, uneven lines or quality control issues anywhere that I can see.

Bandai Figuarts Zero Brook Figures Comparison Film Z Movie vs. New World VerThis is only the second time that Bandai has produced a Figuarts Zero Brook figure, with the first being the New World Brook figure I reviewed earlier this year. While that FAZ Brook New World Ver. Figure is one of the most unique and dynamic figures in the entire Figuarts Zero One Piece line, the Brook One Piece Film Z figure has a charm and flair that captivates almost as well.

One Piece Brook Film Z Figure in Orange Coat Figuarts Zero LimitedI love the absurd bright colors that Brook is painted in, including the flowing orange coat (which has a nice paint wash on it to add depth). The figure’s stance captures Brooks’s movement style perfectly, and I think the pose Bandai chose for the figure is an ideal choice.

Close-Up of One Piece Figuarts Zero Film Z Brook Torso and BonesIt’s worth nothing that this Brook figure has totally revamped proportions to Brooks’s body, including more accurately proportioned limbs and afro. I also really like the sculpting and paint deco weathering on Brook’s spine and rib cage. You don’t get action figures very often with their bones showing, so it’s nice that Bandai did such a nice job on them all-around.

Side of Bandai Web Tamashii Exclusive One Piece Z Brook FigureYou’ll also notice that Brooks’s figure stand isn’t the usual black plastic–instead, it’s cast in translucent red plastic. This looks fantastic with Brooks’s color scheme, and will be a nice unifying element for those collecting the entire Film Z Mugiwaras set.

Bandai Figuarts One Piece Film Z Figures Limited Lineup MugiwarasThe Wrong:

For some reason that is truly beyond me, Bandai opted to cast the ploom of Brook’s hat in a weird milky, translucent plastic. Considering that this part of Brooks’s attire is meant to be made of feathers or another type of clothing material, I can’t imagine why Bandai treated it as if it were some sort of energy effects piece or something. It’s part of a hat, not a fireball! Oy!

Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Brook Action Figure Back ExclusiveAlso, I wish Bandai selected a more primary red for Brooks’s hair. I’ve seen One Piece Film Z Brook interpretations where Brooks’s hair does look this faded reddish-pink color, but it struck me in the anime movie as being much more pure red than the paint color on this figure.

“Where Can I Buy It?!”

Brook and the rest of the One Piece Figuarts Zero Film Z Straw Hats figures were all Bandai Japan web exclusives. If you want the Limited One Piece Z Figuarts Zero figures now, there are still some floating around on eBay for fair prices–but get them soon if you want them, as these figures were very limited and likely to become incredibly expensive in the coming months.

Overall: I don’t know if this is my favorite Brook figure–the One Piece POP Strong Edition Brook may be my favorite One Piece figure ever of any kind–but I sure do love this Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Figure an awful lot. The figure design is fun and colorful, the quality control and paint deco are excellent, and I adore the red and black packaging design for the Bandai Web Shop exclusive Figuarts Zero figures. This One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero Brook figure was an absolute must for me, and I have no regrets for the hefty price I paid for him.



reymanditya · September 10, 2013 at 10:21 pm

cool!! nice review man.. cant wait for the final 3 set (nami, ussop and sanji).. i still havent dare to open the rest from the box, including brook..

hassan · July 23, 2015 at 5:56 pm

anyone have this collection ?.

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