Funko One Piece POP Vinyls Figures Photos & Order Info!

Seeing as how the One Piece has sold 320 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling manga of all-time, it’s only natural that non-Asian merchandisers would eventually want to cash in on the series’ success. And what better company to do so than the hottest up-and-coming toy company in the world, Funko? With a first quartet consisting of Luffy, Chopper, Ace and Trafalgar Law, the Funko One Piece POP Vinyls figures are now up for order!
    Funko One Piece POP Vinyls Figures Luffy Ace Law ChopperI’m ashamed to say how much money I’ve spent on Funko toys over the past few years, but I honestly never thought that I’d have the opportunity to talk about Funko here on my One Piece blog.

But that all changed this winter, when Funko kicked their anime lines into high gear with their first vinyl figure releases from Naruto, Bleach, Sword Art Online and more. And now–ONE PIECE!

There are four characters from One Piece that will initially be released in POP! Vinyl figure form: Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper, Portgas D. Ace and Trafalgar Law.

Monkey D. Luffy Funko POP Vinyl One Piece Figure

Luffy and Chopper are scheduled to be included in the Anime Mystery Minis series of blind-boxes coming this winter, but Fire-Fist Ace and Trafalgar Law are definitely huge surprises!

Funko chose to go with the modern, New World costumes for their POP! Luffy and Chopper figures, which is probably the right choice to get these figurines to appeal to the widest audience. While Luffy isn’t in the most dynamic of poses, the level of detail on the figure is awesome. It’s great to see that Funko even remembered the scar on his face!

Funko One Piece Tony Tony Chopper POP Vinyl FigureChopper is pretty cute as well, although I wish collectibles companies would get over this weird fascination with giving Chopper a stick to carry around. Seriously, how often is Chopper carrying a stick in the One Piece manga and anime? Even so, Chopper’s expressive mouth and eyebrows are downright adorable. It makes me fall in love with Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor all over again!

One Piece POP Vinyls Portgas D. Ace FigureDespite being dead for a half-decade plus in the One Piece manga and anime now, Portgas D. Ace is still getting as much merch as ever. I didn’t particularly feel that I was ever going to need another Ace toy, but I really like the flame effects on his POP Vinyl! He may just be the best-looking character in this whole figure series!

I’m a little bummed that Funko selected Law’s short-lived Punk Hazard costume for his 3.75″ POP Vinyls figure, as it’s doubtful we’ll ever get another figure of the captain of the Heart Pirates in this line. Even so, I gotta admit that Law looks terrific!

Funko Trafalgar Law POP Vinyl Figure 2016The One Piece Funko POP Vinyl figures are now available for order, and are scheduled to be released in April/May 2016. With Funko toys being something of a craze these last few years, I’m taking no chances with having to run around like a crazy person trying to find these figures in stores. My pre-order for the set is already locked in at Entertainment Earth, the reliable U.S. retailer who tends to receive stock of the latest POP Vinyls figures before any other store.

What do you think of the first wave of One Piece POP! Vinyls toys? Are you pleased that Funko took aim for who are likely the four most popular characters from the series, or scandalized that there are no women or more Mugiwaras in the lineup? What characters–if any–would you like to see added to this line in future waves?

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