Jump Festa 2014: Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special Figures!

In the days leading up to this weekend’s Jump Festa 2014 event in Japan, I heard some totally insane rumors going around. Maybe I was just in denial, but I refused to believe that the main One Piece products that Bandai was planning to push at the 2014 Jump Festa event were going to be a whole new assortment of the crazy, off-the-wall Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special figures of the One Piece characters as animals. Well… the rumors were true. So, uh… anyone want a bizarre Admiral Akainu as an anthropomorphic dog man figure? And if you like that, there’s plenty more where that came from…

Jump Festa 2014 Bandai Figuarts Zero Artist Special One Piece Figures Law Garp Akainu Aokiji KizaruOf all the things I’ve heard One Piece collectors say that they’re hoping to see unveiled at Jump Festa (or any other event), I can honestly say I have never heard a soul say that they were hoping to see a bunch more of the One Piece Figuarts Zero Artist Special figures. To be frank, these zany figures are… niche. They’re large, expensive, and produced in limited quantities to meet pre-orders through the Bandai Web Shop. There’s zero buzz surrounding them. Zero. Except, of course, when people post photos of them to laugh at them.

Jump Festa 2014 Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special Animal Figures

So no, neither I nor anyone else was not expecting to see a whole cornucopia of new One Piece Artist Special Figuarts Zero animals show up prominently at the Bandai Jump Festa 2014 display. But apparently, Bandai didn’t get that memo, and we got to see a ton more One Piece animal figures.

Along with the previously-revealed Shanks as a Lion and Trafalgar Law as a Snow Leopard figures, we got a huge showing of never-before-seen characters…

Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special Doflamingo Donquixote as a Flamingo FigureArtist Special Donquixote Doflamingo as a Flamingo: This just might be the single most insanely ludicrous piece of One Piece merchandise ever made. I might have to own this based sheerly off its preposterousness.

Borsalino Kizaru Golden Monkey Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special Figure at Jump Festa 2014Artist Special Borsalino Kizaru as a Golden Monkey

One Piece Figuarts Zero 2014 Red Dog Akainu Artist Special Limited FigureArtist Special Admiral Akainu Sakazuki as a Red Dog: This one matches the flamingo Doflamingo Artist Special figure in ridiculousness. If this wasn’t going to be extremely rare and expensive, it would really make a terrific gag gift. Alas.

Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Artist Special Film Z Zetto as a Bull Bandai FigureArtist Special Zetto as a Bull: Aw, geez! C’mon, Bandai! You know I have a weakness for Film Z merch! The “cyborg” arm made of wood is amazing, as is the purple hair between Zetto’s horns. If I can afford it, I really will buy this figure. I’m dead serious.

Roronoa Zoro Tiger Figure Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Jump Festa 2014Artist Special Roronoa Zoro as a Tiger Version 2: This was shown earlier in the fall, but Tiger Zoro is so absurd-looking with his closed eye making it look like he’s winking, I just couldn’t resist posting a new photo.

One Piece Figuarts Zero Artist Special Garp as Gorilla Bandai FigureArtist Special Money D. Garp as a Gorilla: No. Just no.

Jump Festa 2014 Monkey D. Luffy Artist Special Monkey Figure Bandai Figuarts Zero One PieceArtist Special Monkey D. Luffy as a Monkey Version 2: The original Luffy Artist Special figure is outright impossible to get for a fair price on the aftermarket now, so this was sort of a necessity to keep the line coming. Artist Special Luffy  looks okay, for what he is.

Figuarts Zero One Piece Aokiji as a Pheasant Artist Special Figure at Jump Festa 2014Artist Special Admiral Aokiji Kuzan as a Pheasant: Ummm. No comment.

I could probably spend several thousand words talking about these newly-revealed One Piece Artist Special figures, but I think this might be a case where the less said the better. So I’ll end my impressions here.

Alright, reader response time! Be honest, One Piece collectors: Who out there is legitimately interested in purchasing this new wave of One Piece Artist Special figures, with the figures likely costing around $100 each? For that matter, would any of you want these figures if they were the usual Figuarts Zero One Piece prices of $30-$50 each? I’m dying to know, guy! Let your voices be heard!


Jump Festa 2014: Figuarts Zero One Piece Artist Special Figures! — 10 Comments

  1. The Doflamingo and Zetto figures don’t look too bad for what they are, but I don’t think I will be purchasing any of these artist special figures.

  2. If they were regular price, I would probably pick up a one of these bit probly not, the Doflamingo is great and the first zoro was leagues better then this one.

  3. I think penguin is better for kuzan. Anyway these Figures are quite fun. Just probably won’t get any myself.

  4. Honestly these just don’t do anything for me as a One Piece figuarts zero collector. I do appreciate the novelty and the work that went into these guys, but even at normal figuarts zero prices, I wouldn’t pick them up. Love seeing pictures of them though!

  5. If they weren’t so expensive, I would absolutely want the Akainu and the Garp just for the sheer batshit insanity of them.

  6. I got the original 7, but really should only have gotten franky rhino and skele brook, maybe zoro. Too pricey.

    Zed is the only one that looks good- and with this line of figures its either really really good or really really bad. I don’t know if I can afford it though- bought too many TT

    • These figures are not yet available for purchase and may never be available for purchase. Only the Law, Luffy, Shanks, and Doflamingo figures from this event have been put up for order and sold at this time.