Jump Festa 2014: Figuarts Zero One Piece Baby-5 Figure Revealed!

There are some characters in the One Piece manga and anime that, literally the moment you see them for the very first time, you’re certain are going to be characters that will get a tsunami of figures and merchandise produced for them. It’s been a little while since I had that feeling, but this fall when Baby-5 appeared for the first time, I had no doubt she’d be appearing in figure form before long. And at Jump Festa 2014 this weekend, the gun-toting maid assassin made her first major toy appearance in the form of the Figuarts Zero One Piece Baby-5 figure!

Jump Festa 2014 Bandai One Piece Baby-5 Figuarts Zero Figure PhotosBandai has been slow with announcing new characters for their One Piece Figuarts Zero 2014 lineup. In fact, to date they have announced a grand total of one new character for Figuarts Zero One Piece in 2014, and she was just announced this weekend: Baby-5!

One Piece Figuarts Zero Baby-5 Figure with Weapon Arm at 2014 Jump Festa

Up until now, every single 2014 One Piece Figuarts Zero figure Bandai has announced has either been a limited Special Color Edition or a Battle Ver. figure of a previously released character, so I for one am grateful for an all-new character (finally). Baby-5 is one of the first of the Donquixote Pirates to appear in the One Piece anime and manga, and she definitely seems like a strong choice for Bandai to produce, as it appears that the Donquixote Pirates will be quite important to the upcoming One Piece anime Dressrosa arc.

Jump Festa 2014 Photos Baby 5 Figuarts Zero One Piece FigureThe Baby-5 figure on display at the Jump Festa 2014 Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero booth has several weapons attached to her back and her arm transformed into a gun, but I would be very surprised if Bandai doesn’t offer at least an alternate arm or two for the One Piece Baby 5 Figuarts Zero figure. After all, what would be the point of making a toy of a character that can transmute their body without any options? I guess we’ll see…

Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero Baby-5 Figure Close-Up Jump Festa 2014The One Piece Figuarts Zero Baby-5 figure is scheduled to be released by Bandai in late spring/early summer 2014. I’ll post more detailed information and photos of the Baby 5 figure as they become available, and you can ‘Like’ One Piece Z on Facebook to have further One Piece toy news, photos and updates sent straight to your Facebook Newsfeed!

Has Baby-5 lit the embers of your heart on fire, One Piece collectors, or were you hoping the first brand-new character for the Figuarts Zero 2014 lineup would be someone different?


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  1. Im so excited to see her so soon, im going to have to get her and any other donquixote pirates that are released in figure form.