Limited One Piece POP Kalifa Figure Finally Up for Pre-Order!

It truly must be the end of all things, because the last of the MegaHouse One Piece POP figures previewed in 2012 has finally been solicited for pre-order! I never had any doubt that she was going to be released, as we’ve never seen a MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates figure yet, but I sure was starting to get impatient. Now up for pre-order and scheduled to be released in December 2013–the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kalifa figure!

MegaHouse POP Limited Kalifa Figure Promotional PosterKalifa is nowhere near my top 25 list of favorite One Piece characters, but I’m all for getting another female One Piece P.O.P. that isn’t Perona, Boa Hancock, or a member of the Straw Hats crew. The sole female character of the CP9, Kalifa, is easily the third most popular member of Cipher Pol 9 (after Kaku and Lucci, obviously).

Overhead View of MegaHouse One Piece POP Kalifa Figure

While it is unarguably going to be frustrating for domestic collectors to hunt down this One Piece POP Kalifa figure on the aftermarket, it’s probably a smart move on MegaHouse’s part to release Kalifa in this way.

Supporting characters like Killer, Eustass Kid, Shilew and Benn Beckman have rotted on the shelves over the course of the past year and really hurt the health and reputation of the Portrait of Pirates One Piece brand.

Kalifa CP9 Portrait of Pirates Figure Front View MegaHouseReleasing a secondary character like Kalifa not seen in the anime or manga for years as a limited, pre-order only exclusive is definitely the right move for MegaHouse to make (even if it won’t necessarily be a popular one).

One Piece P.O.P. Kalifa Portrait of Pirates Figure BackThe pose on Kalifa really isn’t all that dirty (especially considering she’s covered in soap!), but she still subtly evokes the feeling of a streetwalker to me. I can already tell that this is another one of those figures that I’m going to have a brutal time getting past my wife. But, well… gotta have it!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kalifa Preorder AnnouncementPre-orders are now being taken overseas for the One Piece Kalifa Portrait of Pirates figure, with the figure scheduled to be released in December 2013. For American collectors, the MegaHouse P.O.P. Kalifa figure is available for pre-order now at BBTS, the only major United States-based retailer that will be importing the figure. I’ve already placed my pre-order for Kalifa, and will review her in full once I receive mine in the winter.

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