MegaHouse One Piece POP Aokiji Kuzan Edition-Z Figure Up for Order!

Yesterday I discussed one of the final two MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates figures of 2013, and today I’m finishing up with the one remaining OnePiece POP figure. Like the Leopard Form Lucci POP I previously discussed, this is another character that we’ve seen released twice before by MegaHouse in One Piece P.O.P. form. And like Lucci, this is a vastly different version of the character than we’ve seen before–from the One Piece Film Z anime movie, it’s the former Marine Admiral Aokiji Kuzan POP Edition-Z figure!

MegaHouse One Piece POP Aokiji Kuzan Edition Z 2013 Figure

You would think that the fourth figure in the MegaHouse One Piece Film Z Portrait of Pirates lineup would be another integral member of the Straw Hat Pirates, seeing as how the first three figures are the now-released Nico Robin and Tony Tony Chopper and the Film Z Sanji that ships next month.

Instead, the newest One Piece Z P.O.P. figure isn’t one of the Mugiwaras, or even the movie’s villain (Zetto). It’s the disgraced former Marine Admiral, Aokiji Kuzan.

One Piece Z Aokiji Kuzan Portrait of Pirates Figure BackWhereas with the P.O.P. Leopard Ver. Rob Lucci figure I don’t really care for the character but love the sculpt of the toy, I love everything about the Aokiji Film Z Portrait of Pirates figure. Though we haven’t seen him in the OnePiece anime series (yet), we know Kuzan’s post-timeskip appearance because of his appearance in the anime OnePiece Film Z movie–and Aokiji is styling in the New World! With his long coat and dark attire, Aokiji Kuzan looks a lot cooler (no pun intended) than he ever did as an Admiral.

MegaHouse Aokiji Kuzan POP Edition Z One Piece Z Figure with Ice SwordThe alternate parts and accessories that the OnePiece Z Aokiji Kuzan Portrait of Pirates figure comes with are absolutely awesome. You get an alternate left arm holding a sake bottle, as well as a frozen alternate right arm and a fantastic-looking ice sword with effects pieces on it. In addition, you can an extra Kuzan head without his hat and glasses on. While he may not have accessories to the same extent as the incredible Sailing Again Franky figure, Edition Z Aokiji Kuzan’s extra pieces are still some of the most impressive ever in the P.O.P. figures line.

One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Kuzan Aokiji Edition Z with Ice ArmThe One Piece Z POP Aokiji Kuzan figure is scheduled to be released in late 2013, and arrive in the United States in mid-January 2013. P.O.P. Edition-Z Aokiji Kuzan is now available for pre-order in the United States and other countries. I’m a huge fan of Aokiji’s time skip character design, and already have this figure pre-ordered, so I’ll be posting my full review of the Film Z Kuzan POP as soon as the figure is released.

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