MegaHouse One Piece POP Princess Vivi Figure Revisit Revealed!

At the 2013 Spring MegaHobby Expo, there were a lot of figures that I expected to see revealed. Of the figures I was expecting, the only ones that actually showed up were the One Piece Film Z P.O.P. Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro Edition-Z figures. Even so, my favorite figure shown at the MegaHobby Spring 2013 Expo wasn’t a new character or even a One Piece Z POP. No, the most exciting reveal of the show for my was the upcoming all-new One Piece Portrait of Pirates Princess Vivi Nefertari figure!

One Piece POP Princess Vivi Nefertari Ver 2 at 2013 MegaHobby Expo SpringEven though she’s one of my all-time favorite supporting characters in the One Piece manga and anime, I don’t own any Princess Vivi figures. It’s not that I can’t afford them or find them–there have been a fairly substantial number of One Piece Vivi figures released over the years. The problem is none of the Vivi figures produced up until now have met my expectations.

One Piece POP Neo Vivi Figure from 2007 MegaHouse

One of the earliest One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures released was actually a MegaHouse Princess Vivi figure in 2005. That figure was later reissued in the One Piece P.O.P. Neo collection in 2007, so a decent number of Princess Vivi POP figures were produced. The trouble is that that Vivi figure just isn’t very good, especially by today’s standards.

One Piece Princess Vivi Nefertari Anime ScreenshotBut at this weekend’s MegaHouse Expo Spring 2013, MegaHouse did well by the unofficial member of the Straw Hat Pirates, revealing a vastly improved One Piece Portrait of Pirates Vivi figure! Vivi’s face is much more detailed, and her dress is far more ornate and sophisticated than what the old figure was wearing. This figure actually represents Vivi in her formal attire from her Coming of Age ceremony at the end of the Albasta arc in the One Piece manga and anime.

MegaHobby Expo Spring 2013 One Piece Vivi Portrait of Pirates Figure SideAnd while there’s absolutely no word from MegaHouse of a reissue of the POP Carue figure that’s outrageously expensive on the secondary market (it can easily sell for $500 these days), it’s encouraging to see that Vivi’s hand is clearly sculpted outstretched to pet a Carue figure.

One Piece POP Neo DX Princess Vivi Nefertari 2013 Spring MegaHobby Expo Close-UpI’ll update with more information and order details on the new 2013/2014 Princess Vivi Nefertari once MegaHouse makes those specifics available. And you can follow One Piece Z on Facebook if you want One Piece collectibles news updates and reviews beamed directly to your Facebook Newsfeed!


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  1. a lot of new stuff on banpresto, review it please. GLM Z zoro, GLL vol 03 & (special), GLV, wcf, DX men. I cant find too many new photo, but i want to know more, This site is my only hope :) Please Mr Dabid

    • I’ll cover everything from the Banpresto Prize Fair this week. Tons of exciting new items shown there, but it’s a lot to write! =D

  2. to be honest one piece banpresto is very week against P.O.P Or Figuarts Zero that’s why i don’t care.
    and here i wonder some of banpresto figures r relay impassive like Hunter X Hunter they did god Job Also Naruto but not one Piece….