MegaHouse One Piece POP Neo-DX Red-Haired Shanks Figure Released!

I sure hope your wallet (or credit card) had the chance to cool down from the immensely expensive One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Franky figure that came out earlier this month, because MegaHouse is back to work with their newest regular release figure: the 2013 P.O.P. Neo-DX Shanks! This isn’t the first One Piece POP Red-Haired Shanks figure, but it is unquestionably the best Shanks ever (and one of the best Portrait of Pirates figures overall)!

One Piece POP Shanks Box MegaHouse 2013

Man, I must be getting old. I used to not be able to wait for the next One Piece figure to ship out so that I could rip it out of its package and display it in all of its glory. Now, I’ve had my Sailing Again Franky MAXIMUM figure for two weeks and it’s still in its original packaging. Even so, I couldn’t help but get excited when I saw photos of the POP Neo-DX Shanks figure that was just officially released overseas today!

Bandai did a Marineford Shanks Figuarts Zero figure last year that I think was one of their best efforts, but MegaHouse has swooped in to one-up them with this truly masterful figure that takes the cake as the best Red-Haired Shanks figure in history.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Shanks Figure in Bubble Packaging Neo-DXThe MegaHouse Shanks Portrait of Pirates Neo-DX figure comes with a fairly substantial number of accessories, but none of them are a particular surprise–all of the accessories and alternate body parts were shown on the official poster for the Shanks figure when it was announced earlier this year.

MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates Shanks Neo-DX Figure Holding Straw HatHaving Shanks hold up the Straw Hat that he gave Monkey D. Luffy years earlier isn’t an especially action-packed pose, but it does capture a rather poignant moment and is the pose that I’m likely to leave my One Piece POP Shanks figure in most of the time.

One Piece P.O.P. Red-Haired Shanks Figure 2013 Close-UpI was a bit nervous that MegaHouse might mess up the production version of the One Piece Portrait of Pirates 2013 Shanks figure, but in actuality the figure looks as gorgeous as the official glamor shots that MegaHouse posted when they put Red-Haired Shanks up for sale! This is an outstanding-looking One Piece P.O.P. Neo-DX figure, and I will be well and truly stunned if it isn’t a quick sellout like Sailing Again Trafalgar Law was.

One Piece POP 2013 Shanks Figure without Cloak MegaHouseYou can remove Shanks’ cape, of course, but it always creeps me out a bit to see Shanks so obviously missing his left arm. It’s hidden so well in the cape in the OnePiece manga and anime that I’m just not used to seeing poor one-armed Shanks!

One Piece MegaHouse POP 10th Anniversary Boxes Shanks and Benn BeckmanThe only truly surprising part about this One Piece P.O.P. Excellent Model Shanks figure is that he comes in a special One Piece POP 10th Anniversary box! The P.O.P. Benn Beckman figure that was re-released alongside Shanks has a box in the same style, and you can stick the two boxes together to form an awesome display! Benn Beckman isn’t even in my top 100 One Piece characters, but I am sorely tempted to order the Benn Beckman POP reissue just to get that 10th Anniversary box!

One Piece Shanks and Benn Beckman Portrait of Pirates Figures 2013The Red-Haired Shanks P.O.P. Neo-DX Excellent Model Figure by MegaHouse was just released today in Asia. Plamoya has received their shipment of Shanks and has him up for order right now if you forgot to place a pre-order for him. I’ll review Shanks next month in full, but I can already tell it’s going to be a very positive review.


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  1. Where do you get the reissue of Benn Beckman, i haven’t found them from all the usual sites :(