One Piece 2013 POP Figures Revealed at Jump Festa 2012!

Jump Festa 2012 began in Japan today, and while many collectors (including myself) thought MegaHouse had already played their full hand of One Piece P.O.P. figures at last month’s MegaHobby Expo, they still had some Portrait of Pirates 2013 cards left to play! One never-before-seen One Piece Film Z POP figure, one unexpected modified Ver. 0 figure, and one exclusive repaint were all unveiled at the show: Sanji Edition-Z, Whitebeard Ver. 0, and BEAMS Chopper Edition-Z!

One Piece POP Sanji Edition Z Figure 2013 MegaHouseThe one all-new sculpt seen was the Portrait of Pirates Sanji Z-Edition figure from One Piece Film Z. This is undoubtedly the most dynamic and action-posed Sanji we’ve ever seen in the One Piece P.O.P. line, and I am definitely looking forward to his release. With the announcement of Sanji Ver. Z joining the Nico Robin Z-Edition and Chopper Edition-Z figures, it seems more and more likely that we’ll get the whole Straw Hats crew in POP form over the course of 2013 (although even I have to admit that a Franky Ver. Z figure seems extremely unlikely).

One Piece POP Whitebeard Ver. 0 Figure 2013 Jump Festa

The ever-popular Whitebeard shocked the P.O.P. collecting world by having his second Portrait of Pirates figure debut at Jump Festa: Whitebeard Ver. 0! This Shirohige (Whitebeard) figure represents young Whitebeard as seen in various flashbacks and episode 0 of One Piece! I was absolutely not expecting to ever see this version of Whitebeard released as a POP figure, but it will be great to have him to pose with the Gol D. Roger and Shiki figures also being released in the second half of 2013!

One Piece POP Chopper Edition-Z BEAMS T Limited FigureFinally, a new BEAMS retailed exclusive made his first edition at Jump Festa: a new monochrome black-and-white POP Chopper Edition-Z figure. I’m not really into these Limited uncolored versions of Chopper, but I know some people love them, so this is for them!

While these three figures are certainly the biggest news coming out of Jump Festa 2012, we also finally got prices and release dates for POP Sailing Again Franky and POP Limited Sadie, painted prototypes of Sailing Again Trafalgar Law and Nico Robin POP Edition-Z and more! I’ll make another post to discuss updates to Portrait of Pirates figures first seen at the MegaHobby EXPO later this weekend.

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    Agree with what you are saying about the Gold Roger figure. What I would have liked would be his right foot atop a treasure chest with treasures spilling from the semi-closed lid.