One Piece Episode 589 Anime Review & Screenshots

It’s been a while since I had a chance to review a One Piece anime episode, but I had some free time this weekend and said what the heck, devoting a few hours reviewing and taking screenshots of episode 589 of the One Piece Anime, “The World’s Worst! The Terrifying Scientist, Caesar!” It’s taken almost a dozen episodes to get there, but with this episode we finally see the full reveal of the Punk Hazard arc’s major villain, Caesar Clown…

Smoker in Tashigi's Body with Cigar One Piece 589 Anime ScreenshotEpisode 589 of the One Piece anime is basically one big expository info dump episode.We get to see Tashigi in Smoker’s body and Smoker in Tashigi’s body featured quite a bit in the episode, which would be really cool if so many toy companies hadn’t been showing off toys and sculptures of the two body-swapped Marines for months. I have to say, this is definitely a different look for Tashigi! I wonder what Zoro would say if he could see her now…?

Tashigi in Captain Smoker's Body Screenshot from One Piece Anime 589

Smoker and Tashigi discuss a possible information leak from within G-5, but this is a subplot where I’m fairly certain no one watching cares, as obviously neither Smoker nor Tashigi are the mole. It’s sort of unfortunate that none of the G-5 Marine subordinates get names or anything, as they’re completely interchangeable and unmemorable the way they’ve been depicted thus far.

Caesar Clown Appears to Save Centaur One Piece Anime 589We did get a name for the Punk Hazard story’s antagonist last episode–Caesar Clown–and this episode is largely a build-up to seeing Caesar Clown in full. One of the centaurs that had his coat stolen by the Straw Hats previously arrives and begs Caesar for help and to rescue Brownbeard. I think maybe this is meant to make us doubt whether or not Caesar is evil, but, well… that ship has sailed.

Caesar Clown Evil Smile One Piece Episode 589 AnimeCaesar Clown agrees to help his subordinate, but… he’s clearly totally evil. Like, insanely evil. I can’t even imagine how the people on Punk Hazard are so freaking dumb that they can’t realize Caesar Clown is a mad scientist.

Anime One Piece Episode 589 Monet Writing Punk HazardWe get to see a little more of the harpy woman, Monet, in One Piece Episode 589, although she essentially does nothing. I know there’s a fanbase for this character, so hopefully we see some character development for her soon. Cool glasses, though!

Body Swapped Mugiwaras with Masks One Piece Episode 589We come back to the Straw Hats, and discover that masks have been created for the body-swapped Straw Hat Pirates so that the crew can more easily tell who’s who. I have to say–this was pretty funny. I adore Chopper in Sanji’s body, and “Nami” smoking a cigarette is almost as comical as “Tashigi” doing so.

One Piece Episode 589 Screenshot Brownbeard Chained UpBrownbeard is still captured by the Mugiwaras, and he tells the tale of how the once-beautiful island of Punk Hazard was destroyed in an experiment supposedly-gone-wrong by Dr. Vegapunk.

Explosion Destroys All Life on Punk Hazard One Piece 589 ScreenshotI’m not sure I get why the Marines would hold the epic battle between Akainu and Aokiji on an island that likely still had remnants of toxic poison gas on it, but I assume we’ll come back to that plotline later on.

Brownbeard Dying One Piece 589 Anime 2013Brownbeard was critically wounded in battle and lost his legs. He fled to Punk Hazard, where he would have died if he hadn’t been saved by Caesar Clown and then given new centaur legs by the new Shichibukai Trafalgar Law.

Trafalgar Law Arrives in Punk Hazard One Piece 589 Anime ScreenshotI’m stunned that Toei skipped the opportunity to show a flashback to Basil Hawkins confronting Brownbeard! It’s been so long that I genuinely forgot that that had been shown in the One Piece anime at all!

One Piece Screenshot Brook Cries Hearing About Caesar ClownBrook, Chopper, and Franky all bawl like idiots out of sentimentality when they hear about how “Master” saved the prisoners of Punk Hazard from their tragic fates.

One Piece 589 Caesar Clown Full RevealOf course, at this point we see Caesar Clown fully revealed for the very first time, both in appearance and in his deeds, as Smoker explains that Caesar Crown himself is responsible for the explosion that killed virtually all life on Punk Hazard.

One Piece Anime Caesar Crown is Insane Laughing Manically Episode 589And oh yeah–it turns out that Caesar Clown is batshit insane, as he goes in seconds from intelligent scientist to flying, cackling nutjob. Uggghhh.

One Piece The Worst Generation 11 SupernovasReview: I typically tend to like expository episodes of the One Piece anime, but this fell flat for me. I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for any of the prisoners–nor am I given any reason to–which made it hard to care about the accident on Punk Hazard or how the prisoners are being duped by Caesar Clown. I hate the tactic of making it blatantly obvious that Caesar Clown is evil and then trying to explain all the “good” that he’s done. It’s look Crocodile’s introduction, except in reverse.

Honestly, the high point of this episode as far as I’m concerned was hearing a bit about the Eleven Supernovas and how they’ve come to be regarded as “The Worst Generation”. He seems like such a flat character, and I’m more looking forward to seeing what’s going on with Law than anything to do with Caesar.


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