One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Portgas D. Ace!

When Bandai Tamashii Nations announced the One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary line of figures in the winter, I genuinely got my hopes up about the possibility of a resurgence of the One Piece FAZ series. Sadly, it appears that the days of getting one figure a month–much less two or three–are behind us. While we had hoped for the rest of the Mugiwaras to follow the pre-order for Luffy and Chopper, that has not occurred. But there is a consolation prize! One of the most popular One Piece characters of all time is returning with an all-new figure: the One Piece Figuarts Zero Portgas D. Ace 5th Anniversary figure is now up for order!

Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece 2015 Portgas D. Ace FigureOn the list of One Piece characters that have so many figures that they probably don’t need to have another figure ever produced again, Portgas D. Ace is definitely near the top of the list. I love Ace–loved Ace–but, well… he’s been dead for over half a decade in the One Piece anime and even longer in the One Piece manga.

So is there really anything that Bandai Japan could come up with to make me buy the umpteenth new Fire Fist Ace figurine? Turns out… the answer is yes.

Back of 2015 Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Fire Fist Ace Figure

Although Bandai has sculpted Ace in a static, museum-style “standing” pose, I think that this is the definitive Portgas D. Ace Figuarts Zero figure. And depending on how well it comes out of the factory, it may rival MegaHouse for the title of being the best Portgas Ace figure ever released overall.

Bandai Tamashii Nations Portgas D. Ace Figure 2015 One Piece Fifth AnniversaryAnd although there’s no articulation built into this Portgas D. Ace statue (hence why he’s Figuarts Zero), he does ┬áhave some optional pieces that allow him to take on four slightly different looks: an alternate head without his hat, and an alternate right arm without flame effects pieces (bent to touch Ace’s hat).

Close-Up of One Piece 5th Anniversary Figuarts Zero Ace Portgas D. FigureThe faces on the two Portgas D. Ace figures look to be exactly the same to me, but I greatly appreciate having the option of displaying Ace with or without his hat. And man–Ace’s face is dead-on! Bandai nailed this one!

5th Anniversary Portgas D. Ace Figuarts Zero Figure with Dodon Sound Effects PiecesAnd–in keeping with the 5th Anniversary Luffy and Chopper figures that went up for order earlier in the spring–the 5th Anniversary Figuarts Zero Ace figure will also include “Dodon!!” sound effects pieces that can be displayed next to him. I think these are kind of dopey, honestly, but I know that there are definitely some collectors out there that are going to dig these extra pieces.

One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Ace Figure Close-Up

In keeping with the regular scale of the One Piece FAZ line, the Figuarts Zero 2015 Ace figure will stand 150 mm (about 5.9″) tall, so he’ll fit in perfectly to scale with the vast majority of the other PVC figures in the line.

While the 5th Anniversary Figuarts Zero Ace figure is selling for a scary-sounding 4,320 yen overseas, he’s only $33.99 in the United States through Bandai Tamashii Nations. Considering he’s got an extra head and alternate arm, I think that’s a very fair price.

Figuarts Zero One Piece Portgas D. Ace 5th Anniversary Figure PVC StatueThe One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Portgas D. Ace figure is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in September 2015. If you want this figure or just want to support the Bandai FAZ line, I’d highly recommend pre-ordering Ace–if pre-orders are poor for a popular character like Ace, then I really don’t think Bandai will see much hope for this future of this long-running series.

What are your thoughts on the Figuarts Zero One Piece 5th Anniversary Ace figure, One Piece fans? Is this the best figure of Fire-Fist Ace ever made? And are you willing to go to the well one more time for yet another Portgas D. Ace statue, or are you well and truly satisfied with all of the Ace figures that have been released previously?

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