One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Sabo Figure Pre-Order!

It seems that our patience has been rewarded (sort of)! In honor of the 5th Anniversary of the One Piece Figuarts Zero statue line, Bandai Japan is seemingly committed to bringing us one all-new One Piece FAZ figure each month for a year! The first three figures were Luffy, Chopper and Portgas D. Ace, all of which character that have had at least five Figuarts figures each over the years. But for the fourth figure in the lineup, it’s a much-demanded battle version of a character who’s previously only had one release–the One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Sabo figure is now up for order!

Bandai Figuarts Zero Sabo 5th Anniversary One Piece Figure

Make no mistake: 2015 is the year of Sabo. While Toei didn’t want merchandisers spoiling the story for anime fans by showing off Sabo figures and statues prior to Sabo devouring the Flare Flare Fruit in the anime and obtaining his Devil Fruit Fire powers, that time has passed and now we can finally have a Figuarts Zero Sabo figure in all of his blazing glory!

Bandai Tamashii Nations kicked off 2015 by releasing the first-ever Sabo Figuarts Zero figure, which depicted Sabo in a non-powered museum pose. I actually quite liked that figure and thought it looked rather dignified, but I think that what the world was really waiting for was a powered-up version of Sabo.

Back of 5th Anniversary Sabo Figuarts Zero One Piece FigureBandai Tamashii Nations has gone all-out to make this the most dynamic, action-oriented Sabo figurine produced by any toy company thus far! While it’s technically the “5th Anniversary Sabo Figuarts Zero figure”, for all intents and purposes this is actually the Sabo Battle Ver. figure that we all sort of felt like we were “owed” after the static first FAZ Sabo figure that got released.

Sabo is crouched and ready to leap into action, with his steel pipe ready to spring and translucent fire effects pieces on his head, arms, legs and metal pipe!

One Piece Figuarts Zero Sabo 5th Anniversary Figure Close-UpAs much as I loved the Banpresto Sabo Master Stars Piece figure, I think that this Bandai Sabo 5th Anniversary figure has a superior pose and facial sculpt. I foresee a lot of debate from collectors as to exactly which manufacturer has created the very best rendition of Luffy’s surviving brother!

One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Sabo Figure with Dodon Sound Effect

Just like the rest of the Figuarts Zero One Piece Fifth Anniversary figures, Sabo will come packaged with a “DODON!” sound effects piece. These aren’t for me, but I know some folks really dig the idea of these effects pieces. Mine will be staying in Sabo’s box, forevermore.

Sabo stands 150 mm (about 5.9″) tall, and retails for 4,500 yen overseas. However, Bluefin Distribution will be distributing Sabo in the United States for $37.99, which I think is a very fair price. When I saw the detail and quality of this Sabo, I was really afraid that he was going to cost $40-$50, so I’m really pleased that Bandai Tamashii Nations has priced him so affordably.

Figuarts Zero Sabo 5th Anniversary Statue Bandai Tamashii Nations 2015The One Piece Figuarts Zero Sabo 5th Anniversary Figure is now available for pre-order, and is expected to be released in October 2015. Bandai hasn’t been reissuing any of their recent Figuarts Zero figures, and I don’t expect the Battle Ver. Sabo figure to be any exception. If you want him, get him while he’s still available.

What do you think of the 5th Anniversary One Piece Figuarts Zero Sabo figure, One Piece fans? Is this the best version of Sabo yet from any company? Will you be purchasing the 5th Anniversary Sabo statue, or opting for another version of Sabo instead?


One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Sabo Figure Pre-Order! — 3 Comments

  1. I have and loved the first Sabo figure but I have been waiting for one with these fire effects was surprised it was so soon. So I was happy to preorder him.

  2. I’m so happy Bandai has decided to release this line of figures. My One Piece collecting began with the Figurarts Zero figures (purchased the entire Straw Hat crew at one time!) but had since shelved them for the Megahouse POPs. However now that space has became an issue I decided to revisit the Figuarts Zero figures. I’ve given my original New World Straw Hat crew to a friend of mine but plan to get the 5th Anniversary versions as they come out. I have Luffy at home with Chopper and Ace arriving today! (YAY!) I will certainly get Sabo along with many, many others. I think that’s one of the appeals of the Figuarts Zero line, there are just so many characters out there … though some can be a bit pricey.