One Piece Figuarts Zero Akainu Battle Ver Bandai Figure Released!

It is the rarest of phenomenons in the action figure world to have production versions of toys come out looking better than the hand-painted prototypes, but every so often this miraculous occurrence comes to pass. My expectations have been surpassed already several times by figure’s released in the Figuarts Zero One Piece line, and now it’s happened again! As much as I disliked the prototype, the final Bandai One Piece Figuarts Zero Akainu Battle Ver. figure has now been released and looks absolutely awesome!

One Piece FiguartsZero Akainu Sakazuki Battle Ver Figure ReleasedWhen I first saw the One Piece FiguartsZERO Admiral Akainu Battle Version figure prototype photos a few months back, I was pretty repulsed by it. I thought it looked pretty mediocre, especially the “taking a flaming dump” pose that Bandai chose to pose Red Dog Sakazuki in. Well, the pose hasn’t changed, but the final and now released version of the FiguartsZERO Akainu figure look downright amazing.

One Piece Figuarts Zero Akainu Sakazuki Battle Ver. Figure Close-Up

First and foremost, Bandai has completely nailed the face sculpt on this new One Piece Akainu Battle Version figure. It is dead-on, and far better-looking than Bandai’s initial attempt at an Akainu Figuarts Zero figure from the first year of One Piece FAZ figures.

The lava oozing out of Akainu’s torso with subtle paint shading is an especially nice detail, and one I totally didn’t notice when I was looking at the prototype photos of Battle Ver Akainu!

Bandai FiguartsZero Admiral Akainu Battle Ver. FigureThe semi-translucent flames and billows of smoke coming off of Akainu’s body and jacket look incredible in the final production version of Figuarts Sakazuki Akainu. I’m still not thrilled with the pose, but I think if I angle the figure just right I can get past it–especially when the effects piece and production quality of this figure are as outstanding as they ended up being!

Figuarts Zero One Piece Battle Version Akainu Red Dog Sakazuki FigureThe One Piece FiguartsZero Akainu Sakazuki Battle Ver. action figure has now been released in Asia, and will arrive in the United States and other countries within the next couple weeks. You can still pre-order the Figuarts Akainu Battle Version figure from Amazon with free shipping, which is a far better deal than importing in this case, as the FAZ Akainu box is very heavy and expensive to import. I’m going to take the plunge on this figure and pick up the FiguartsZero Akainu for myself, and have just placed my own pre-order for him.


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    • I imagine the plastic stand at the back of the base is unnecessary–it’ll allow Akainu to stand stably without the base at all, though.