One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Straw Hats Figures! Tamashii Nation

Bandai literally brought a boatload of surprise One Piece Figuarts Zero figures prototypes to display at Tamashii Nation 2014 over the weekend, and if there was one theme that surprised me more than any other that they brought, it was the huge multitude of One Piece children figures! While MegaHouse and Banpresto have released plenty of One Piece kid figures over the years, Bandai Japan has never released a single one in the One Piece Figuarts Zero line. But that could all change in 2015, as Bandai Japan showed off a dozen One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood figures at Tamashii Nation 2014!

Tamashii Nation 2014 One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Figures Luffy Brook Franky Nami Robin Sanji ZoroBandai Japan really wanted to blow One Piece fans’ minds with the items they chose to display at the fall 2014 Tamashii Nation event in Akihabara, and they definitely made some amazing choices of what to show off in order to do so! I honestly thought that Bandai had no interest in ever doing small-sized kid figures in the One Piece FAZ scale, but evidently I was wrong!

Atop an adorable, chibi version of the Thousand Sunny ship, Bandai proudly showed off the entire Mugiwaras crew in child figure form. In One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Ver. form, we have (from left to right above): Brook (in human form!), Nico Robin, Sanji, Nami, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Tony Tony Chopper, Usopp and Franky.

The Childhood Brook Figuarts Zero figure is especially exciting, as none of the “big” lines have ever released a kid Brook figure!

Figuarts Zero One Piece Childhood Ace Luffy Sabo Figures at Tamashii Nation 2014

In addition to the One Piece Childhood Straw Hat Pirates crew, Bandai decided to bring a few more figures for good measure: kid versions of Monkey D. Luffy with his brothers, Sabo and Portgas D. Ace! While MegaHouse and Banpresto have both released child Portgas D. Age and Sabo figures before, none of them have been as dynamically posed as these versions of the characters! Sabo and Ace look so fearsome!

Now, how that one-legged, jumping kid Monkey D. Luffy figure is standing up in the display (unless he’s glued to the tree trunk), I truly have no idea.

One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Figures Children Luffy Brook Nami Franky Sanji RobinAs with the other figures displayed at Tamashii Nation 2014, there’s absolutely no promises or guarantees about these One Piece Childhood Figuarts Zero figures ever being released. Even so, I don’t think Bandai would have prepared prototypes and displayed them at their event if they weren’t gauging interest in these figures, so hopefully we’ll get our first-ever human kid Brook figure (and all his crewmates!) in 2015. I’ll post an update to the One Piece Z Facebook Page when and if Bandai announces more about these figures, so keep watching.

How would you feel about Bandai beginning to a whole line of One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Version figures, One Piece collectors? Would you be on-board for any (or all) of the figures that were shown off at Bandai Tamashii Nation 2014?


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  1. Oh god just take my money before I think to hard about it or think where I’ll put them.
    As far as which ones i want the most the Nico Robin, Franky, and Brook have my order but to be honest I’d probably get them all.