One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 1 Set Released!

We saw the early images of them many months ago, and just in time for the end of the year they’re finally here: Banpresto has now released the One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 1 set! Whereas most merchandise for the One Piece Z movie depicts the Mugiwaras in their battle costumes from later in the movie, this set opts instead to capture the crew as they appear in the film’s opening.

One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 1 Set of 8 FiguresThe very first One Piece WCF figures ever created were for the One Piece Strong World movie released in 2009, and those figures are some of the most coveted and difficult to obtain of all One Piece World Collectable Figures now. So it’s only natural that these One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 1 figures are in hit demand and selling out quickly!

Banpresto One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 1 Released in Box

My personal favorite figure in the set is Film Z Monkey D. Luffy, as I’m a huge fan of his crazily-smiling yellow shirt with black shorts look (When and if I can get my hands on that shirt, that’ll absolutely be my cosplay for Anime Boston 2013!).

One Piece Z Luffy WCF Vol. 1 Figure BanprestoSome of the One Piece Z movie costumes for the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates WCFs in this set are pretty wacky. It’s weird to say it, but Usopp wearing a shark on his head is only the third-weirdest figure in this set! Brook wearing shorts with a pink-dyed afro and a cat hat is pretty strange, but the real bizarreness award goes to Franky, who’s not only sporting a pink afro on his head, but both of his shoulders as well! Sheer lunacy–and I love it.

One Piece Z Movie Franky and Brook WCF FiguresThe Banpresto One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 1 set of 8 figures was just released this week, and should be available from your favorite import shops while supplies last (which may not be long, as this series is extremely hot). One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 2 will be a set of 8 Choppers in his various forms, and will be available in early 2013.

All eight figures from One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 1 are currently available for order individually from American retailer BigBadToyStore.

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