One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 2 Chopper Forms Figures Set Released!

Even the most casual One Piece fan probably noticed something was missing from One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 1, as the absent element from that set was none other than the crew’s ubiquitious “pet”, Tony Tony Chopper! While this may have seemed like a weird exclusion in isolation, it makes plenty of sense when you realize that Banpresto’s One Piece Z WCF Vol. 2 series is composed of not one, not two, but eight One Piece Film Z Tony Tony Chopper WCF figures!

One Piece Z WCF Film Z Vol. 2 Chopper Forms SetThat’s right, for the first time ever, Banpresto has completely loaded up an entire wave of WCF figures with everyone’s favorite One Piece cash cow, Tony Tony Chopper! If you’ve ever yearned to add eight brand-new Chopper action figures to your One Piece collection in one shot, then this set is a real dream come true!

One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 2 Series Chopper Figures Set

This is actually a fascinating wave, because it gives us our first-ever One Piece figures of Tony Tony Chopper in some of his different forms such as Walk Point, Defense Point, and Horn Point. And because the figures are all in strange costumes and/or de-aged (as Chopper appears in the One Piece Film Z movie), that leaves Banpresto room to integrate these Chopper points into the general One Piece WCF line down the road.

One Piece Z WCF Vol. 2 Box Tony Tony Chopper Forms SetWhile this set includes the One Piece Z opening costume Chopper in Cow outfit and Final Battle Chopper in red battle attire that pretty much every One Piece figure producer is making, it also gives us some cool and unique Chopper figures that aren’t being released anywhere else.

One Piece WCF Film Z Chopper Heavy Point FigureI usually think that Chopper’s Heavy Point is pretty hideous, but the de-aged One Piece Z Heavy Point Chopper is actually quite cute! I wish Chopper looked like this in Heavy Point mode all the time! And speaking of “cute”…

Tony Tony Chopper Monster Point Form One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 2 Figure…One Piece Z WCF Monster Point Chopper is downright adorable! This Monster Form Chopper WCF seriously may be the cutest One Piece WCF figure that Banpresto has released in years.

One Piece Z Chopper Defense Point Figure WCF Vol. 02And the One Piece Z Chopper Defense Point WCF figure definitely wins the award for uniqueness. although the paint deco on that figure looks absolutely awful. Hopefully the weak quality control on this particular Chopper is just an anomaly!

One Piece WCF Z Vol. 2 Horn Point Chopper and Walk Point Chopper FiguresThis is the very first 2013 One Piece WCF series of figures to hit stores. One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 2 has just been released in Asia/Japan this week, and should be available from your favorite import shops very soon.

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