One Piece Grandline Men Fisher Tiger & Arlong Figures Released!

Yesterday I talked about the just-released One Piece WCF Vol. 31 figures–the first post-timeskip WCF set in the better part of a year. And speaking of series with big gaps of time in them… It’s hard to believe, but the last series of One Piece DX Grandline Men figures (Vol. 14 with Grandline Men Brook and Chopper) was released over 8 months ago, in October 2012! I’m not sure why there was such an extensive wait between series, but luckily, the Banpresto One Piece Grandline Men Vol. 15 Fisher Tiger and Arlong figures have now been released!

Grandline Men Vol. 15 Fisher Tiger Arlong FiguresBanpresto makes a more diverse and varied selection of One Piece figures across their figure lines than any other company. Where else are you going to get a Ver. 0 Golden Shiki or a Nico Olvia figure, after all? So I’m not at all surprised to see Banpresto be the company that steps up to the bat and tackles characters from the flashback portion of the Fishman Island arc (Get it? “Tackles”–“Fish”? Never mind.) that none of the other One Piece merchandisers seem interested in producing figures for.

One Piece DXF Grandline Men Vol. 15 Fisher Tiger Figure with Box

First up, let’s talk about what I consider the headliner of this pair: Fisher Tiger. Fisher Tiger is the first captain and founder of the Sun Pirates, and the (fish)man famous for burning Mariejois to the ground in order to free all of the slaves in the city.

Fisher Tiger only appears during the flashback portion of Fishman Island (because, y’know–he’s been dead for like 13 years). I doubt we’ll get a Fisher Tiger action figure from Bandai or MegaHouse, even though he’s the character who sets Arlong, Jinbe and Boa Hancock on their future paths.

One Piece DXF Fisher Tiger Figure Banpresto Grandline Men 2013There’s a ton of paint deco and different colors used on this Grandline Men Series 15 Fisher Tiger figure, which is always nice to see on a non high-end One Piece figure. The paint apps aren’t as nice as those on your typical MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure, but this figure also costs about one-quarter of what those figures cost, so it’s fantastic quality for the price.

Banpresto One Piece Grandline Men Fisher Tiger Action Figure BackFisher Tiger’s captain’s jacket is pretty plain besides the Sun Pirates logo adorning it, but you can’t really complain about that, as that’s also how the jacket looks in the One Piece manga and anime. But wait–there’s more!

Fisher Tiger Grandline Men Figure without Coat BanprestoGrandline Men Fisher Tiger’s jacket is actually removable, and Banpresto went to the trouble of decorating the back of Fisher Tiger completely for those who prefer to display him without his jacket! Nice work, Banpresto!

Since the Banpresto One Piece DXF Grandline Series figures are larger than your everyday Figuarts Zero figures and Fisher Tiger is also a large Fishman, I suspect this Fisher Tiger figure will fit in seamlessly with the Bandai Figuarts Zero action figures scale-wise.

One Piece DXF Grandline Men Vol 15 Arlong FigureNext up it’s the bane of Nami’s childhood and the man who will become leader of the Fishman Pirates, Young Arlong! MegaHouse and Bandai have both given Arlong some love previously with a POP Arlong and Figuarts Zero Arlong, but both those figures are based on his Arlong Park days on the Conomi Islands. Based off the awful sales of both those Arlong figures, I don’t expect to see another FAZ or Portrait of Pirates Arlong figure again. So I am altogether thrilled to see Banpresto give us a Young Arlong DXF figures in Grandline Men Vol. 15!

Arlong Grandline Men Series 15 Action Figure BanprestoOne Piexe DXF Arlong’s evil grin looks totally sinister and malevolent here–this is my absolute favorite head sculpt we’ve ever seen on an Arlong figure from any company. Young Arlong’s hair and musculature look dead-on, and the detail on his attire like the chain bracelet on his left hand and the tassels on his ankles really make the aesthetic of the figure come together.

One Piece Young Arlong Figure Banpresto Grandline Men SeriesBanpresto did a killer job with Kiribachi, Arlong’s sword in the One Piece anime and manga! I was very surprised to see them put the effort into including sculpted and painted details on the sword. Banpresto went the extra mile for this Grandline Men Young Arlong figure, and he shines as a result.

One Piece Fisher Tiger and Young Arlong Grandline Men Figures Vol. 15 2013The One Piece DXF Grandline Men Arlong and Fisher Tiger Vol. 15 figures have just been released overseas. You can order Fisher Tiger and Young Arlong now off ebay for about $55 shipped for the pair of figures together, which I actually think is a very fair deal. Amazon should have them in the United States in 1-2 months, but they’ll likely cost about $25 each shipped on Amazon, so you might as well order them now and have them months early if you don’t mind spending a couple dollars more.


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  1. They look great, i can’t wait for the Doflamingo and Vergo Grandline Men figures.

    • just started collecting and i cant wait to add these guys to my wall.

      i agree. doflamingo is easily my favorite character and i cant wait to add another doflamingo figure to my collection as well as vergo. i really hope they make the rest of his crew as well, even if they’re the 4 inch low detail versions.