One Piece Grandline Men Vol 18 Trafalgar Law Released!

While most One Piece figure companies raked in their fortunes on the Punk Hazard Trafalgar Law last year, poor Banpresto lagged behind and didn’t manage to get a Punk Hazard Law of their own out until now. This week Banpresto finally released their Grandline Men Vol. 18 Trafalgar Law figure for sale at retail, but can it compete with the competitions’ versions of Law…?

One Piece DXF Trafalgar Law Grandline Men Vol. 18 BoxMove over, Chopper! Trafalgar Law is basically the biggest cash cow in One Piece merchandising right now, and that’s why One Piece collectors were absolutely inundated with a plethora of fur coat-wearing Trafalgar Law Punk Hazard figures last year.

One Piece Grandline Men Punk Hazard Trafalgar Law Figure Vol. 18

But while Bandai and MegaHouse churned out Punk Hazard Law figures in mass last year, Banpresto has just now managed to get their Grandline Men Vol 18 Trafalgar Law figure off the production line and into One Piece anime and manga fans’ hands.

Luckily, the Volume 18 Grandline Men Trafalgar Law figurine is really quite nice, and far better than the Bandai Figuarts Zero Punk Hazard Law was (in my opinion). I love the Bandai Figuarts Zero line dearly, but the facial resemblance and paint deco of the coat on their Punk Hazard Law Figuarts Zero figure just can’t match the quality of Banpresto’s version.

One Piece Trafalgar Law without Hat Banpresto DXF Volume 18The smirk on the face of the Trafalgar Law head without hat is just amazing! That may be my favorite Law head ever released by any toy company.

One Piece Grandline Men 2014 Trafalgar Law Timeskip Figure Volume 18The pose on this One Piece Grandline Men 2014 Trafalgar Law figure is a little plain, as Law’s just standing there looking like a badass, but he’ll still fit in well with a Grandline Men display. I’d recommend this Law over either of the Bandai One Piece Punk Hazard Law action figures released.

Back of Punk Hazard Trafalagar Law One Piece Grandline Men Series Action FigureAnd while this Banpresto Law One Piece figure is certainly not up to the standard of the excellent One Piece POP Trafalgar Law figure I reviewed last year, for a quarter of the price of that figure, it’s definitely a decent purchase.

Banpresto One Piece Grandline Men Series Vol 18 Trafalgar Law Timeskip FigureThis is only the second Trafalgar Law statue that Banpresto has released in the Grandline Men Series, with the immensely popular pre-timeskip Grandline Men Vol. 4 Trafalgar Law figure selling regularly for well over $100 on the aftermarket. If you’re thinking you may want this new GLM Law model, you may want to snag one before the prices spike on him.

Trafalgar Law Grandline Men Vol. 18 Banpresto Figure 2014The One Piece Grandline Men Trafalgar Law Vol. 18 figure has now been released and is available for order online. There are no major Banpresto distributors outside of Asia, so you’ll likely have to import Law or purchase him from a domestic importer if you want him.

Was the Banpresto Trafalgar Law Grandline Men Volume 18 figure worth the wait, One Piece fans? Will you be shopping for this Law for your own collection, or are you content with the figures of Punk Hazard Law that other companies released in 2013?


One Piece Grandline Men Vol 18 Trafalgar Law Released! — 7 Comments

  1. Dude you’re totally wrong this time around :)

    The figuarts zero one (expecially the non-battle version) is 10 times better than this one 😀

    • I value your opinion, of course, Alo! What aspects of the Figuarts Zero Punk Hazard Law do you think are better than this one, though?

      • Figuarts Zero Law looks a lot more natural and relaxed. Grandline men Law looks a little stiff I think. But for the price and size, the more recent grandline men are worth it.

      • I’d say pretty much everything honestly! :)

        There are times when Grandline Men is a step ahead from Figuarts Zero (A good example is Mihawk!) … But not this time.

        The FZero one imho wins both in the pose and in the realization quality aspects. I’m quite horrified looking at the face-closeup posted above. :/

        What Banpresto did better tho is the colour of his logo on the cape. I have no idea on why Bandai keeps using the wrong colours lol

        That’s entirely my opinion btw but seeing other comments it seems I’m not the only one thinking this :)

    • I second that! In my opinion Bandai did a great job with their FZ Trafalgar Law last year, I was very satisfied with its quality.

  2. Figuarts Zero Law battle ver isnt that great for sure. But just wait until Law battle ver 2#. definitely it will be super awesome. Same as the first one of zoro, sanji and ace battle ver. they arent that great until the 2nd ver released.

  3. Hi speaking of GLM and GLL, is there a chance for banpresto to push through on creating the Film Z versions of Robin, Brook and Franky? haha that would be great I think! In the other hand it would be more awesome if they will create a pre-time skip versions of Straw hat crew… 😀