One Piece History of Law WCF Figures Discounted Online!

I do my best to keep up with pre-orders for all the import toys I want in my life, but sometimes figures slip through the cracks. Such was the case with Banpresto History of Law series of figures, which I thought the chances of owning for an affordable price at this point were zero. But those who missed the boat like me have another chance at this set--all of the One Piece History of Law WCF figures are now available online, and most of them are discounted to $5-$9 each!

One Piece WCF History of Law Figures Series

When you collect as many toy lines as I do, you have to budget carefully and stay on-the-ball with pre-orders if you don’t want to risk missing out on figures forever.

In the case of the Banpresto World Collectible Figures line, I’ve missed more than a few PVC figures over the years that I regret missing, but don’t plan on paying the extortionist prices that they cost today.

But while sold-out WCF figures are usually gone forever, in this instance we’ve got one more chance, as all six figures in the assortment have turned up for sale online via Amazon. And as they are sold first-hand by Amazon and not by marketplace sellers, these are guaranteed to be official figures and not knockoffs.

Banpresto One Piece Corazon WCF FigureThe One Piece History of Law World Collectable Figures series includes six figures:

  • HL01 Corazon
  • HL02 Child Trafalgar Law
  • HL03 Trafalgar Law (Dressrosa)
  • HL04 Shachi
  • HL05 Penguin
  • HL06 Trafalgar Law’s Yellow Submarine

One Piece WCF Law's Submarine Figure BanprestoWe don’t get ships very often in the One Piece World Collectible Figure line, but I really don’t think a Trafalgar Law set would be complete without a mini Law’s Submarine figurine! I probably could have lived without this figure if it hadn’t been marked down to 5 bucks, but at that price? No way was I gonna pass.

One Piece Shachi Figure Banpresto WCF

Two members of Trafalgar Law’s Heart Pirates crew also make what I believe is their first-ever major toy appearance in this set: Shachi and Penguin! I confess, I had to look up Shachi’s name, as he doesn’t exactly do a lot in the One Piece manga and anime (and doesn’t have his name written on his hat like Penguin does!).

One Piece Penguin WCF Figure History of LawThe best part is that four of the six figures in this series aren’t just available again–they’re available for 35%-65% off! While I flinch at the idea of paying full-price for characters like Shachi and Penguin, there’s no way I was gonna pass on their only figures ever for $5-$7 each.

One Piece WCF Trafalgar Law Child FigureMy favorite figure in the lineup–hands down–is the child Trafalgar Law figure. The style of One Piece World Collectible Figures suits kid Trafalgar Law extremely well, and I love that Banpresto gave us the crazed-looking Law with grenades strapped all around him! This is way better than the One Piece P.O.P child Law figure from MegaHouse, in my opinion, and available at a far, far lower price (under 10 bucks!).

One Piece History of Law WCF Dressrosa Law FigureThe WCF History of Law figure series is now available for order online, and is in-stock and ready to ship immediately. Amazon has limited quantities of these figurines available, so if you want these at affordable prices, don’t hesitate. Once the inventory on these runs out, I expect this set to be expensive on the aftermarket.

Anyone besides me planning to take the plunge and pick up this previously sold-out series of Trafalgar Law-themed One Piece figures while they’re available again? If so, which figures are you ordering?

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