One Piece Master Stars Piece Sabo Special Version Pre-Order!

Out of the way, Trafalgar Law! Though your moment in the sun in the One Piece anime isn’t over yet, the merchandising world is moving on in 2015 to the next big thing: Luffy’s long-lost brother, Sabo! Earlier this year Banpresto released the One Piece Master Stars Piece Sabo figure, and they’ve got more Sabo goodness lined up for later this year: the One Piece Sabo Master Stars Piece Special Version figure is now up for order!

One Piece Sabo Master Stars Piece Special Version Figure

For whatever reason, MegaHouse still hasn’t managed to get their One Piece Sabo Portrait of Pirates figure up for order, despite him having debuted at the start of the winter. But in absense of a POP Sabo figure, there was a larger-scale figure niche that needed to be filled–and Banpresto has decided to fill it twice over!

The first One Piece Master Stars Piece Sabo figure just arrived in the past month (and I’ll be reviewing mine very soon), but Banpresto is now preparing to draw second blood with a One Piece MSP Sabo Special Version figure! Basically, this figure utilizes the exact same sculpt (and the same 10″ size) as the regular Sabo MSP figure, but with a couple crucial differences.

Master Stars Piece Sabo Regular Version vs Special Version ComparisonFirst up, the Banpresto One Piece Sabo Master Stars Piece Special Version statue is hatless and has his goggles hanging around his neck. In addition, Sabo now has his steel pipe clenched in his right hand (the original Master Stars Piece Sabo was making fists with both hands), and has a dark blue jacket instead of black.

These changes might not sound like a big deal, but they totally change the look and feel of the Sabo Master Stars Piece figure! I love the dark blue jacket on this version of Sabo, and I much prefer his looks sans top hat. If this was a character I didn’t care about, I could probably pass–but as it’s Sabo, it’s a definite must-buy for me (in fact, I already did order it!). 

The Master Stars Piece One Piece Sabo Special Version figure is now up for order, and is expected to be released in August 2015. Banpresto typically does not reissue special version figures that it releases, so if you’re wanting this Sabo (I do!), make sure you don’t forget to place a pre-order for him. 

What do you think of the second Master Stars Piece Sabo figure, One Piece fans? Do you prefer this version or the original–and which will you be buying (if not both)?

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