One Piece Master Stars Piece Zoro MSP Figure Released!

After a lull in the storm of new One Piece figure collectibles, several great items have been released early this week! Perhaps the most exciting of these items is the Banpresto Master Stars Piece Roronoa Zoro figure! It seems like forever that we’ve been waiting for this MSP Zoro to come out, but it’s actually only been a few months. Has the future world’s greatest swordsman’s latest figure been worth the wait?

MSP Zoro One Piece Master Stars Piece Figure Banpresto 2013For those not familiar with the Master Stars Piece Banpresto figures, they are sturdy, unarticulated figures that come unassembled and are made of a thick plastic. Unlike the popular One Piece Grandline Men series from Banpresto, however, these figures are about 26 centimeters (or over 10 inches) tall! That makes them larger than the majority of One Piece P.O.P. figures, but at a far lower price! Despite the large size, you should be able to get this Zoro figure for $45-$65 shipped all the way to America from overseas.

One Piece Banpresto Master Stars Piece Roronoa Zoro MSP Box

The box for this Banpresto MSP Roronoa Zoro figure looks very similar in graphic design to the boxes used for the Banpresto One Piece Grandline Men series, but this time the box is noticeable larger (since the Zoro figure inside is also quite a bit bigger than a Grandline Men figure).

Banpresto MSP Roronoa Zoro Figure Master Stars Piece One PieceI actually think that the sculpting and paintwork look even better from the rear of the figure than they do from the front. While Zoro’s colors are by design a little drab when looking at the front of him, all of the colors and details on the figure really pop from behind.

Master Stars Piece Roronoa Zoro with Swords Sheathed Banpresto One Piece 2013While the One Piece Banpresto Master Stars Piece Zoro figure has no moving joints at all, his swords can be removed from his hands and sheathed if you so choose. Even if Zoro himself can’t be posed, it’s nice that this option is available!

Paint Weathering on One Piece Master Piece Stars Zoro MSP Figure by BanprestoI’m very impressed with the paint weathering that Banpresto did to Zoro’s boots and attire! Since Zoro has obviously been in a battle the way this figure has been designed, it’s nice to see that he’s at least dirty (if not battle-damaged!).

One Piece Banpresto Roronoa Zoro MSP Figure Head Close-UpThe only thing about this Roronoa Zoro Master Stars Piece figure I’m not really crazy about is the weird sculpting/positioning of his head. Zoro’s neck–or lack thereof–looks a little bit strange. Maybe when I can hold the MSP Zoro in person it’ll make more sense to me why he’s sculpted this way.

One Piece Master Stars Piece Zoro Roronoa Figure BanprestoAs with many Banpresto One Piece items, I haven’t heard of any American stores that are carrying this figure. I ordered my One Piece Master Stars Piece Zoro this morning off of ebay, where there are plenty available at very fair prices. If I see the figure listed for order at any American stores later on, I’ll update this poast and add a link. And remember, if you want One Piece Toy News sent instantly to your Facebook Newsfeed, you can ‘Like’ One Piece Z on Facebook!


One Piece Master Stars Piece Zoro MSP Figure Released! — 2 Comments

  1. I ordered mine about a month ago,
    Got it for 25 dollars and about 10 dollars shipping. should be here in a week or two I’m looking forward to get it!!

  2. In that close up picture of Zoro’s head his bandana really does look like it’s made of actual fabric.