One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay DPCF DX Figure Announced!

We’re just 12 hours away from the opening of the hugely-anticipated MegaHobby Spring Expo 2013, but while we (probably) won’t get any One Piece P.O.P. information before that show opens, tons of news is rolling in from plenty of other branches of One Piece collectibles! One such item comes totally out of the blue, and it’s from Plex. We hadn’t heard any updates from Plex in quite a long time about their One Piece Door Painting Collectible Figure DX line of statues, and some had written the line off as cancelled. But today an okama made his grand debut, eliminating that skepticism! It’s the One Piece D.P.C.F. Bon Clay Mr. 2 figure!

One Piece Bon Clay DPCF DX Figure Mr. 2 from Samurai SpreadWe first saw the prototype of the Plex One Piece DPCF-DX Bon Kure Mr. 2 statue over eight months ago. Since then, there had been no word on progress on the figure at all, leaving many to speculate that the Bon Clay DPCF (and perhaps the entire line) was going to be scrapped.

Plex One Piece D.P.C.F. DX Figure Bon Clay Mr. 2 Prototype

To the ecstasy of One Piece fans (and okama) everywhere, that’s not the case. Bon Clay is officially up for pre-order now, and fans won’t even have to wait long to add him to their collections–he’s expected to hit stores overseas in July!

One Piece Bon Clay Door Painting Collectible Figure DX Statue PlexThis DPCF Bon Kure Mr. 2 figure is in the 1/7 scale, so it will be sized slightly bigger than the MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirate figures (which are 1/8 scale). That said, with the crazy pose the Bon Clay D.P.C.F. is in, you may be able to slip him into your One Piece POP collecting without anyone noticing, and he’ll be quite a bit cheaper than tracking down one of the super-rare Portrait of Pirates Bon Clay Mr. 2 figures.

One Piece Samurai Color Spread Manga with Impel Down CharactersPlex must really love the One Piece Samurai Color Spread from the manga, because this is the fourth figure that they’ve created to go along with that color spread! Previously Plex released One Piece DPCF-DX figures of Mr. 0 Crocodile, Mr. 1 Daz Bones, and Buggy the Clown from the manga samurai spread. One would imagine that we’ll eventually get a Samurai Luffy figure from this spread, and a rare Ivankov figure would also be most welcome!

One Piece Door Paint Collection Figure Buggy and Bon ClayThe One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay Door Painting Collectible Figure DX Statue is scheduled to be released in July 2013. The D.P.C.F. Bon Clay figure is now available for pre-order for domestic delivery. Plex is known to sometimes have delays, so it may ship out a little late, however. I’ll post more updates and news on this Bon Clay figure as it becomes available.


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  1. i really hope to get one of Plex Figure But it expensive…
    and thanks For the Samurai Poster i was wondering why Plex choose the Samurai For their line…