One Piece P.O.P. Dracule Hawkeye Mihawk Ver. 2 Released & Photos!

In honor of the ten year anniversary of their One Piece Portrait of Pirates line, MegaHouse is releasing all-new characters and updates of previously-made crucial characters from throughout the One Piece anime and manga series. Portrait of Pirates Shanks and Whitebeard arrived this fall, and hot on their heels is the world’s greatest swordsman–the MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P. Dracule “Hawkeye” Mihawk Ver. 2 figure has now been released!

One Piece P.O.P. Hawkeye Mihawk Ver. 2 Figure in PackagingI was surprised when MegaHouse revealed a new Dracule Mihawk Portrait of Pirates model figure was in the works earlier this year, but it certainly wasn’t an unwelcome surprise. The original MegaHouse P.O.P. Neo-DX Mihawk was good for its time, but has a very awkward pose and subpar detailing when compared to modern Portrait of Pirates One Piece figures.

One Piece POP Neo-DX Hawkeye Mihawk Ver. 2 Figure

With the scarcity of the original Hawkeye and the character’s continued importance to the One Piece story, updating the character to a new mold is definitely warranted–especially when the finished product comes out looking as exemplary as this Dracule Mihawk figure does!

From the sculpt to the accessories to the paint deco, this is clearly the definitive Mihawk Hawkeye action figure, putting every other company’s attempts at the character to shame.

Yoru Sword on Back of Mihawk Hawkeye Portrait of Pirates Ver. 2 FigureThe new MegaHouse Hawkeye Mihawk’s sword, Yoru, looks absolutely amazing with ample sculpting detail and beautiful paint deco. Yoru is supposedly the best and strongest sword in the world, and the top-notch work MegaHouse has done on the sword certainly makes it feel as much.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Hawkeye Mihawk Version 2 with Sword DrawnYou can choose to have Portrait of Pirates Hawkeye Mihawk Ver. 2 carrying Yoru on his back or wielding the sword (likely leaving destruction in his wake).

Mihawk Kogatana Cross Necklace Knife MegaHouse One Piece POP 2013Hawkeye also includes his Kogatana, the tiny knife that Hawkeye usually wears as a crucifix necklace around his throat. We don’t have a proper pre-timeskip POP Roronoa Zoro in his standard clothes, so I don’t see much use for displaying the Mihawk P.O.P. with his Kogatana, but it’s still nice (and fun) to have the option of doing so.

Hawkeye Mihawk One Piece P.O.P. Neo-DX Ver 2 2013 MegaHouseThe One Piece Portrait of Pirates Mihawk Hawkeye Version 2 figure has now been released overseas and is available for import now. The new Hawkeye has been one of the most popular MegaHouse figures this year and pre-sold out at many stores, so you may end up having to pay a bit above retail for the new POP Mihawk Ver. 2 if you want him. American retailer BBTS also still has some pre-orders for Hawkeye available, with the figure scheduled to arrive later in November 2013.

How do you feel about the finished production 2013 POP Hawkeye Dracule Mihawk figure, One Piece collectors? Has this upgrade improved on the original Mihawk P.O.P. enough to earn Hawkeye Ver. 2 a spot in your collection?


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  1. I’m really starting to regret my choice to get into One Piece… There are so many cool figures out there for it! I may have to leave behind my love of 1/8 and stick to the Bandai versions for this series though, if only for the sake of my wallet.

    Hawkeye looks epic for such a static pose, it really shows off his effortless strength!