One Piece POP Armored Franky Portrait of Pirates Figure Released!

You’ve waited, One Piece P.O.P. fans. No weeks or even months, but years. It hasn’t been a short or pleasant wait, but good things come to those with patience. Or in this case, SUUUUPERRRRR things! At long last, the MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates Franky Sailing Again figure has arrived! With more options, moving parts and accessories than any One Piece POP figure ever, the Armored Franky is a spectacular vision of anime figure to behold at any price (which is fortunate, because P.O.P. Sailing Again Franky is selling for a fortune on ebay already!)…

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Franky Sailing Again Maximum BoxI love OnePiece figures, so I’m sometimes prone to exaggeration when I get overexcited about a new figure from the manga or anime. That said, I don’t think it’s any hyperbole whatsoever to say that the MegaHouse Armored Franky POP Sailing Again figure is the most spectacular One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure ever made!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Armored Franky Sailing Again Figure

Want to make your MegaHouse Franky POP Maximum fire the Franky Radical Beam, just like in the OnePiece anime? You can do that!

Like how Franky looks with sunglasses and headphones on? You can do that too!

Want Franky to have a little hand come out of his giant hand and use tools hidden inside his arms to repair himself? As ludicrous as it may sound, this figure can ever do that!

One Piece POP Franky Armored Sailing Again Maximum Figure with Cannons & Missiles OutWant to take off Franky’s tropical shirt and deploy Franky’s shoulder cannons? MegaHouse has you covered!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Franky New World Figures with Shaved Head and Arms RaisedHate Franky’s shaved head look, and want your P.O.P. Sailing Again Armored Franky to have his trademark pre-timeskip spiky hair instead? You can do that! And if you want the crazy Punk Hazard “Pinsir”-like beetle hairdo, there’s even a head with that one included!

One Piece POP Franky New World MegaHouse Figure Strong RightStrong Right launching fist with a real die-cast metal chain attached to Franky’s arm? Yup, that’s here too.

MegaHouse P.O.P. Franky MAXIMUM Doing SUPER PoseAnd yes–the OnePiece POP Sailing Again Franky figure can even do a decent imitation of Franky’s signature “SUUUUPERRRRRRR!” pose.

MegaHouse Franky P.O.P. Timeskip New World Portrait of Pirates FigureMegaHouse may have taken a long (re: LONG) time to get this P.O.P. Maximum Franky Sailing Again figure released, but they have seriously done right by OnePiece anime and manga collectors this time! MegaHouse deserves a standing ovation for this OnePiece Portrait of Pirates Armored Franky figure, no questions asked. Bravo, MegaHouse!

If you didn’t pre-order P.O.P.-MAXIMUM Franky and you still want one–pray! MegaHouse Armored Franky is selling for well over $300 on ebay now, and with his essential status as a member of the Straw Hats, I don’t expect that price to drop anytime soon. My OnePiece POP Sailing Again Armored Franky MAXIMUM figure is currently en-route from Japan and will arrive this week. I’ll post more photos and a review of Franky once he arrives.


One Piece POP Armored Franky Portrait of Pirates Figure Released! — 3 Comments

  1. Oh never mind, i thought you said the original was selling for over 300 dollars. >_>

  2. Can’t wait to get mine, got it from an american seller (toyslogic) though, so I still have about a month to wait. :( lol.
    I just can’t wait for some reviews to come out on youtube, so I can get even more excited about it.