One Piece POP Chopper Man SUSHI EXPRESS Limited Figure Announced!

MegaHouse doesn’t go easy on One Piece Portrait of Pirates completists or international collectors, that’s for sure! On the eve of the hotly-anticipated Spring MegaHobby Expo 2013 (May 25, 2013), MegaHouse has surprisingly pulled up the curtain and revealed a brand-new One Piece P.O.P. figure. If you want this figure, I hope you like sushi (and live in Asia)–it’s the exclusive MegaHouse One Piece POP Chopper Man Sushi Express Limited figure!

Chopperman SUSHI EXPRESS Limited Ver. FigureIn what has to be the most bizarre method ever of releasing a One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure, MegaHouse is going to give away 2000 free Chopperman Sushi Express Exclusive figures with a purchase of 500 CNY (or ¥8320) from any Sushi Express restaurant!

…No, really. I’m serious. I know it sounds insane, but this special Tony Tony Chopper Chopperman figure is part of a bizarre promotion wherein you get a free MegaHouse Portrait of Porates Chopper Man figure for buying, uh… fast food sushi. Uh… Right.

MegaHouse POP Chopperman SUSHI EXPRESS Limited Ver. Figure

Personally, I really like this One Piece POP Limited Chopperman Sushi Express exclusive figure. He has the much-loved sparkly “Kyupin” eyes and is featured wearing the One Piece Film Z colors of red and black. I’m usually not into Chopper Man (I find the whole concept pretty doofy), but I must admit that I really want this Sushi Express POP Chopper Man figure because of his One Piece Z red/black color scheme.

It’s also exciting that this POP Neo-EX Chopperman figure has the sparkly Kyupin eyes previously only released on the ridiculously rare and expensive One Piece P.O.P. Kyupin Chopper figure I reviewed last year.One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sushi Express Limited Chopperman Figure

Given the insane number of MegaHouse One Piece Chopperman Portrait of Pirates figures that have been released over the last few years as exclusives, I didn’t think anything could surprise me anymore. But man–this Sushi Express Chopper Man POP restaurant exclusive has got to be the craziest Chopperman limited figure yet! I really want this particular Chopper Man figure, but this is one MegaHouse P.O.P. figure even I may have to go without.

One Piece Chopperman Sushi Express Limited POP Figure PosterIf you want this figure (like me), you’d better make friends with someone in Asia or cry yourself to sleep at night, because this Chopperman POP figure is strictly limited to 2000 figures produced and is solely available from eating at Sushi Express restaurants overseas.

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