One Piece POP Corazon & Law Set Revealed! MegaHobby EXPO

While MegaHouse debuted a huge number of new characters and figures from a variety of anime at the Summer 2015 MEGAHobby EXPO, the show turned out to be a rather monumental disappointment for One Piece P.O.P. collectors. With three BooBy POP BB Ver. figures premiering at the event, there was but one other major reveal for the line… but it’s a good one! It’s the sure-to-be best-selling One Piece Portrait of Pirates Corazon & Child Law figures!

One Piece Corazon POP Figure Prototype MegaHobby EXPO 2015 Summer

Seeing as how there were a grand total of zero new characters revealed for future release going into the MegaHobby Expo Summer 2015 event (Lao-G is never coming and absolutely does not count), One Piece Portrait of Pirates collectors had their hopes quite high for big reveals coming at the event.

And luckily, there was a (as in one) new character confirmed for release at the MegaHobby EXPO: Trafalgar Law’s mentor, Corazon!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Corazon Head Sculpt Close-UpBecause Corazon has only been shown very briefly in the One Piece anime and this is a spoiler-free website, I won’t be talking about Corazon’s exact personality or role in the story right now. But what I can talk about is how excellent this MegaHouse Corazon figure looks!

MegaHouse POP Limited Corazon and Law SetRather than going for a boring ol’ “museum” pose of Corazon just standing there, MegaHouse has sculpted the Corazon POP in a personality-rich sitting pose. Since the prototype of the POP Corazon is shown sitting on sculpted stairs, presumably the actual statue will come with those steps as a base as well.

The sculpting on Corazon is obviously still in the prototype form, but his face and body are looking great! Hopefully we see the painted prototype of Corazon within the next month or two. I’m psyched to order this figure!

One Piece POP Mild Trafalgar Law Child Figure

And Corazon will not be coming alone! In a wise move, MegaHouse is bundling Corazon together with the POP Mild Law figure, which depicts Trafalgar Law in child form! With the immense popularity of Trafalgar Law, I suspect many collectors on the fence about Corazon will go ahead and purchase this POP Limited Edition set just to obtain Law.

Banpresto released a Grandline Children Trafalgar Law figure ages ago, which is a nice figure overall, but I’m certain the MegaHouse Child Law MILD figure will definitely be superior. This is our first time seeing the Portrait of Pirates MILD Law figure, so we don’t know what alternate faces or arms he may have, but if he’s anything like this year’s MILD reissues, Law is sure to come with some great alternate pieces.

Limited One Piece P.O.P Corazon Child Law Figures SetThe One Piece POP Corazon & Kid Law figures are scheduled to go up for order this summer, with a release date set in late 2015/early 2016. This set is a POP LIMITED release, meaning there will be just one production run–so if you want Child Trafalgar Law and his mentor in your collection, do not delay once this duo goes up for sale! I’ll post an update to the One Piece Z Facebook Page once the pre-order date for this set is announced, so be sure to ‘Like’ OPZ on Facebook if you don’t already!

How do you feel about this One Piece Portrait of Pirates LIMITED Corazon & Trafalgar Law set, collectors? Do you think MegaHouse is right to make this set limited, or are they missing out on a potentially huge hit?


One Piece POP Corazon & Law Set Revealed! MegaHobby EXPO — 2 Comments

  1. “many collectors on the fence about Corazon”
    who on Earth is on the fence about Corazon?!
    (anime-only viewers – you’ll understand very soon)

  2. May i ask how can i pre-order the PoP or Law and corazon ??? I don’t found a good link of an official shop for order them and I NEED THEM so much xD i don’t want to miss this >< plz !