One Piece POP Female Trafalgar Law Figure Up for Order!

Having been encouraged by the outstanding One Piece products that Banpresto has been releasing, I’ve somehow managed to muster the strength to talk about the latest MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures to go up for order. And of all the weird choices MegaHouse has made over the years, none is more bizarre than this one: the gender-bender female Trafalgar Law P.O.P figure is now up for order!

One Piece POP IRO Trafalgar Law PosterIt’s only slight hyperbole for me to say that I had to literally scrape my jaw off of the floor when I saw that MegaHouse had scraped the bottom of the barrel and entered into the realm of the bizarre when they announced they were going to be doing gender-swapped figures of some of the most popular One Piece characters.

And what better place to start than with the biggest cash-cow character around: a gender-swapped Trafalgar Law Portrait of Pirates figure!

Female Trafalgar Law as a Girl MegaHouse One Piece POP Statue

Because Oda-sensei loves his fans, he’s eager to make them happy by fulfilling all sorts of wacky requests. But sometimes, I really wish he wouldn’t, because by drawing female versions of various characters for fans writing in with requests, he opened the door for this latest tomfoolery by MegaHouse.

Back of One Piece Trafalgar Law POP IRO FigureThis latest subset of Portrait of Pirates is the P.O.P. I.R.O. series, where “I.R.O.” stands for “Informal Request One Piece”. And unfortunately, while we are receiving zero new characters in Portrait of Pirates figure form going up for sale in 2016 thus far, we have both this Trafalgar Law and a female Monkey D. Luffy to “look forward to”.

Trafalgar Law Woman Female Figure MegaHouse 2016 POP IRORemember that half-naked shirtless Trafalgar Law Ver. 2.5 figure that we got last year as fan service to the ladies? Well, MegaHouse apparently thinks we males were jealous and jonesing for some sexy Trafalgar Law to ogle, and as a result they’re releasing She-Law this summer!

Overhead View of Portrait of Pirates IRO Law Female FigureHonestly, I’m having a hard time talking about this figure’s positive qualities because it’s just such a bizarre twist. The sculpting and paintwork here are nice, but I’m embarrassed to even be talking about a gender-bender version of Law with his trench coat covering “his” chest. This is just sad.

On the bright side–if you can call it that–this Trafalgar Law IRO figure is a limited exclusive, so there will thankfully only be one production run of it. If you want it, get it now, because this figure won’t be eligible for reissue down the road.

Close-Up of MegaHouse Female Trafalgar Law Portrait of Pirates FigureThe One Piece POP IRO Trafalgar Law is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in June 2016. While I always aim to support One Piece toys as much as possible, there’s zero chance I’ll be picking this figure up for review and supporting this craziness by MegaHouse. If anyone is buying this She-Law figure and wants to review her here on the site for interested readers, shoot me a message.

What do you think of the MegaHouse Law as a Woman figure, One Piece collectors? Is this new sub-series of gender-swapped figures up your alley, or are you rolling your eyes at this concept as much as I am?

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