One Piece POP Kabuki Luffy Limited Figure Up for Order!

It is truly a testament to how far MegaHouse has fallen in the past years that I’m talking about a “Kabuki Monkey D. Luffy Portrait of Pirates figure” today and it’s not even the oddest One Piece POP figure I’ve talked about this week! Yes, you read this right: this article is about a Kabuki-themed PVC figure of Monkey D. Luffy. But hey, as insane as it’s going to sound, this figure is actually pretty spectacular! The limited One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kabuki Luffy figure is now up for order–should you order one?

One Piece POP Kabuki Luffy Figure Poster

“…And now for something completely different!” And when I say different, I mean different. Your eyes do not deceive you: this is actually a MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates LIMITED figure of Monkey D. Luffy, dressed up as if he were participating in a Kabuki theater. Seriously.

And before anyone asks–this is not something that MegaHouse just made up to sell more figures (if you can believe that). This One Piece Kabuki Edition Monkey D. Luffy figure is based off of an actual drawing done by Oda-sensei. So while this figure is far from “canon” and doesn’t represent what Luffy looks like in the actual One Piece Kabuki play, it is at least inspired by actual One Piece artwork.

Kabuki Luffy Portrait of Pirates Limited MegaHouse FigureI know it sounds like I absolutely hate this statue, but prepare for a shock: this One Piece Kabuki Version Luffy figure has really grown on me. I’m not a huge advocate of non-canon One Piece collectibles, but this figure strikes me as being a million times cooler and more creative than the endless parade of gender-swapped characters and tasteless “Nami pulling off her shirt” figures.

Back of One Piece Portrait of Pirates Luffy Kabuki Ver. FigureIn fact, I’m forced to admit that this is one of the most-detailed and best-looking MegaHouse One Piece figures that’s ever been released. The amount of sculpting detail and paint applications that must have gone into the development of this figure of Luffy is downright staggering–this figure is gorgeous.

MegaHouse Luffy Kabuki Version P.O.P. Limited PVC FigureAnd as usual, this figure will be in the typical 1/8th scale, and will stand 19cm (about 7.5″) tall. Of course, the big incentive here isn’t the size of the figure–it’s the incredible sculpting and paintwork. And honestly, I wouldn’t want this figure to be larger than the rest of my P.O.P figures anyway.

One Piece Kabuki Monkey D. Luffy Figure Base Wooden Name Plate

As this Monkey D. Luffy figure is a bit special, he won’t be coming with the standard Portrait of Pirates figure stand display base. Instead, he’s going to come with a fancy, shiny black rectangular base with an actual wooden nameplate on it! Cool, huh?

There is a big downside to the intricate level of detail that’s gone into this figure, though–and it’s the price. The Kabuki Luffy statue is retailing 15,555 Japanese yen, and is going to cost import buyers even more than that. That’s a ton of money for a non-canonical figure that’s basically a novelty. This figure is so beautiful and detailed that I definitely want it–particularly since it’s a one-time only “POP Limited” production–but that price-tag is a heavy one to have to bear.

Monkey D. Luffy Kabuki Ver. MegaHouse One Piece POP FigureThe One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Kabuki Edition figure is now up for pre-order, and is scheduled to be released in July 2016. This is one of the more detailed and complex statues that MegaHouse has ever produced, so I wouldn’t be surprised if P.O.P Kabuki Luffy figure ends up being delayed for a few extra weeks, though. Even so, seeing as how this figure will be released once only and orders will never be offered again once the window has closed, interested collectors should definitely snap this figure up while doing so (for non-exorbitant amounts of money) is still an option.

Pre-orders for this Kabuki Ver. Luffy figure are only open through April 2016, so strike now or forever hold your peace. One Piece collectors: is this strange-yet-beautiful Luffy Kabuki figure destined to join your collection, or is the combination of the bizarreness of this figure and its high price keeping it from earning your collecting dollars?

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