One Piece POP Limited Tony Tony Chopper DX Figure Review

If there’s one One Piece character that has had more than his fair share of merchandising, it’s the “pet raccoon dog” of the Straw Hat Pirates, Tony Tony Chopper. There have been so many Chopper figures in the last few years that it boggles the mind. So it would take something pretty extraordinary to get me excited for yet another Chopper figure. And that something extraordinary just happens to be the MegaHouse One Piece POP Limited Tony Tony Chopper DX Figure released in late 2012…

One Piece POP Chopper Figure Limited DX MegaHouseThe Right:

MegaHouse has released a mountain of One Piece Chopper Portrait of Pirates figures over the years, but none before have been as extravagantly awesome as this POP Limited Chopper DX figure. What makes this Chopper so great?

One Piece POP Limited Tony Tony Chopper DX Figure Box

First of all, this is classic Chopper as he’s best-remembered and as he appears in the majority of his One Piece manga and anime appearances. Strong World Chopper in black leather is cool and all, and there’s certainly a crazy charm to Chopper’s New World look, but I’m a classic Chopper look kind of guy myself.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Chopper Limited DX and Kyupin Ver. New World ComparisonThis is only the second MegaHouse P.O.P. Chopper in his traditional attire, and it’s a much better sculpt and likeness than the original (which is hundreds of dollars and out of the price range of most collectors).

One Piece Chopper Portrait of Pirates Figure Pieces 2012Chopper comes with more accessories and alternate parts than ever before, making this easily the best Chopper Portrait of Pirates figure regardless of the version. He includes two heads, two torsos, a removable hat, a clear pink figure stand, and a stick of cotton candy as an accessory.

One Piece P.O.P. Chopper Figure Wearing Backpack Limited DX MegaHouseOne of this Chopper Limited DX figure’s torsos is wearing Chopper’s well-known blue doctor bag full of all his medical supplies. This torso has the arms molded tightly into place clutching the straps so that Chopper can keep his doctor bag safe from any calamity. The default Chopper head for this torso wears a serious, determined expression. I liked this look so much that for months I never took any of Chopper’s alternate parts out of the box!

One Piece POP Limited DX Tony Tony Chopper Figure Back
As authentic and great-looking as that look is for Chopper, it’s a shame to neglect his alternate look. POP Limited Tomy Tony Chopper’s second upper-body loses the backpack, but gains a point of shoulder articulation on each side so that Chopper can move both his arms! This Chopper by default has a jolly, open-mouthed expression on his face. Chopper’s left hoove (or is it hand?) has a hole to insert the handle for his cotton candy stick into. Cotton Candy Eating Chopper lives again!!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Tony Tony Chopper Figure with Cotton CandyIt doesn’t sound like a whole ton of articulation, but being able to have Chopper raise his arms for a high-five or look back over his shoulder or turn his waist to look around adds a load of personality to the figure, as well as making this one of the most articulated One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures.

One Piece Chopper Figure without Hat Portrait of Pirates MegaHouseWhat’s that? You want to have Chopper looking determined and composed, but without his backpack? MegaHouse has you covered–both heads can be popped off and placed onto either torso, so you can mix and match to make Chopper look just the way you want!

One Piece Chopper Figure without Hat Back Portrait of Pirates MegaHousePerhaps even more astounding, MegaHouse has given this Portrait of Pirates Chopper figure the ability to go hatless! That’s right, for the first time ever, you can remove Chopper’s trademark pink hat and attach his antlers directly to his head. Chopper looks pretty naked without his hat on, but it’s a really cool option nonetheless!

Portrait of Pirates Chopper DX Limited Clear Pink Figure Stand BaseCollectors expect greatness from MegaHouse, and for the price their One Piece figures cost, they ought to. Once more MegaHouse comes through with a true piece of art with this Chopper figure. If there’s even one stray dot of paint or scratch or missed spot on this figure, I sure can’t find it. The One Piece POP Chopper Limited DX figure looks brilliant, just as it should.

One Piece P.O.P. Tony Tony Chopper LIMITED Figure Box BackThe Wrong:

Unfortunately, for some insane reason MegaHouse decided that this amazing One Piece POP Tony Tony Chopper DX figure should be a limited edition. That means that far fewer were produced of this figure than a regular One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure, and thus it’s difficult to find and expensive when you do. I paid around $100 for my POP Limited Chopper DX figure and feel he was well worth the money, but I’d have loved him even more if he’d cost half that price.

Overall: This is hands-down the best One Piece Chopper figure ever made. Period. With three excellent points of articulation Chopper can take on a surprising number of poses, and the alternate torso and removable hat are the best accessories you could ever ask for. If you’re assembling a pre-time skip display of Straw Hat Pirates figures, don’t both picking up any Chopper besides this one–this One Piece POP Limited Tony Tony Chopper DX figure is the one ultimate Tony Tony Chopper figure you need for your collection.



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