One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z Photos & Pre-Order!

About a month ago, word broke that MegaHouse had finally announced a One Piece Film Z Nami Portrait of Pirates figure! With having been over a year since the release of the last POP Edition Z figure, I was stoked for the Nami Edition-Z figure. And now, after all this time, the One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z figure is available for order! But, uh… unfortunately, this Nami Film Z figure isn’t exactly what I was expecting…

One Piece POP Limited Nami BB Ver. Edition-Z Statue MegaHouseWhen an all-new MegaHouse One Piece POP Nami BB Ver. Edition-Z figure was announced, I was overjoyed at the prospect of finally adding a sixth member to my Film Z Mugiwaras. The suffix “BB” must stand for “BaBy“, I presumed, thinking of the de-aged child Nami seen in One Piece Film Z. Well, I couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

Evidently, the “BB” stands for “BooBy“, because that’s the definining feature of this well-endowed, Limited Nami POP wearing her whimsical bikini from the opening of One Piece Z.

One Piece POP Edition-Z Nami BB Figure

I think the fact that all the other One Piece Film Z Straw Hats produced are in their battle costumes while Nami is in this boobalicious pose and outfit is outright insulting and ridiculous.

Back of MegaHouse Nami BB Ver. POP Edition Z Figure Limited 2015I could probably spend a good couple thousand words discussing how this figure could be interpreted in demeaning ways by women and loved ones (especially with Nami’s buttocks falling out of her swimsuit in the back), but my feelings are plain, so that’s all I’ll say on the issue.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates LIMITED Nami Ver. BB FigureMegaHouse has done a terrific job on the face on this Nami BB Ver. figure, and I’ve always liked the rainbow bikini from the Film Z movie. Even so, my wife would punch me in the face (or somewhere else) if this Nami figure ever appeared in our household, so it’s not even a consideration for me. Your mileage may vary.

One Piece POP Nami Ver. BB FigureThe One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Nami BB figure is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in September/October 2015. This is a POP LIMITED figure, which means there will only be one production run, so if this bikini-clad Nami statue is your thing, be sure to get your order in early. With a reasonably low price of under $100 even for domestic U.S. buyers, this is one of the most fairly-priced Limited One Piece figures we’ve seen in quite some time.

Alright, One Piece collectors! I’m not hiding my distaste for this BB Nami POP, but I know I most definitely do not speak for everyone. Who’s excited about (or by) this new MegaHouse Nami BB P.O.P., and who’s planning on ordering one to add to their own collection this fall?


One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z Photos & Pre-Order! — 3 Comments

  1. I was hoping this would be a Battle Armor Nami as well. She is just a little too much overall, especially when you consider how cute she did look in this outfit in film Z.

    I’m sure some people are in love with this rendition, but I already have the Crim swimsuit Nami and don’t need another bathing suit figure of her in my collection.

  2. I’ll agree that the fanservice aspect is vastly egregious for this figure but one must admit that it is beautifully sculpted. The attention to detail is rather impressive especially in small areas like the hands and feet. While the breasts and bottom are copious the body structure, from the collarbone and shoulders, to the knees and shins, is nicely done.

  3. There I way too much fan service in this figure and her boobs shouldn’t even be that big! It looks soo fake it’s worse than Kim kardashion’s!