One Piece POP Rebecca Dressrosa Figure Photos & Order Info!

It’s sort of ironic–when MegaHouse debuted a ton of One Piece POP Dressrosa Portrait of Pirates figures at MegaHobby last fall, everybody (including me) complained that MegaHouse was skipping over Punk Hazard almost entirely, as we all wanted figures of the current arc of the One Piece anime. But now that the One Piece anime has moved on and we’re firmly entrenched in Dressrosa, everyone wants to know when the first Portrait of Pirates One Piece Dress Rosa figures will arrive. Well, start saving your pennies, One Piece collectors–the One Piece P.O.P. Rebecca figure is now available for order and will be arriving in summer 2014!

One Piece POP Gladiator Rebecca Figure MegaHouse 2014One of the first major events that occurs once the Mugiwaras arrive on the island of Dressrosa is a huge tournament over at the Corrida Colosseum. Straw Hat Luffy encounters many formidable foes at the Corrida Colosseum, including Bellamy the Hyena, Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates… and one super-cute girl.

One Piece POP Rebecca Poster MegaHouse August 2014

Gladiator Rebecca is the sole female entrant in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum (although Cavendish does have some rather feminine qualities as well), which has earned her a strong fan following in the One Piece community, despite still being a relatively recent addition to the story. MegaHouse must see the early popularity and potential for this character, as the One Piece POP Sailing Again Rebecca figure will be their first release from this year’s Dressrosa mega story-arc!

One Piece Dressrosa Rebecca Portait of Pirates Figure BackMegaHouse has really outdone themselves with the paint deco on this One Piece Portrait of Pirates Rebecca figure. The valiant warrior woman has a combination of colors rarely (if ever) seen on one action figure, including shiny metallic gold armor, red-black gradient feathers on her helmet, a turquoise cape and a shield with varying hues of brown that make it look just like in the show.

One Piece P.O.P. Sailing Again Rebecca Statue Close-UpThe One Piece Rebecca POP model is easily one of the best-looking female figures that MegaHouse has ever released, looking soft and lady-like, while formidable and powerful at the same time.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Rebecca Figure without Cape and HelmetFor those One Piece fans out there who prefer their Gladiator Rebecca POP figure to be a little less suited for battle and in a little more of a state of undress, MegaHouse has you covered–Rebecca has an alternate “happy”, smiling face and her cape and helmet are removable. She, uh, looks a lot less threatening like this.

Dressrosa Rebecca One Piece Portrait of Pirates 2014 Figure MegaHouseUhhh, yeahhhhh. If my wife see this image, this Rebecca figure is totally not going to be welcome in our home. This is unfortunately a statue that will earn me a lot of dirty looks from friends and family who saw it on display in our apartment if I removed the helmet and cape (and possibly even if I don’t).

One Piece POP 2014 Rebecca MegaHouse Excellent Model FigureThe One Piece Portrait of Pirates Rebecca figure/statue is now available for pre-order, and is expected to be released in August 2014. I need to see more of this character in the One Piece manga and anime before deciding if I want her in my collection, but all signs point to “yes”. I’ll post more photos and information on Rebecca’s release as we get closer to it.

What do you think of MegaHouse’s take on Gladiator Rebecca, One Piece collectors? Will this gorgeous gladiator be finding a home in your collection later on this year?


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  1. Already ordered her! The bikini armour makes me cringe, but I adore her character enough to overlook it for the sake of having her in figure form.

  2. I order “daring” female figure all the time. My parents and husband just needs to deal with it :). And she is pretty tempting but I will wait until there is hopefully a Figuarts version.

    • On the Japanese Amazon site, yes. On the America Amazon site, no. There’s no major distributor for MegaHouse figures in the United States (like Bluefin Distribution/Bandai Tamashii Nations) is for the Figuarts Zero figures, so Amazon has never offered One Piece POP pre-orders.

        • i think Amazon is a distributor for Megahouse in the states because i saw many figures from Megahouse have a preorder from Amazon.

          • Amazon is not a MegaHouse distributor–they’re a retail who purchases figures wholesale from a distributor. That’s why Amazon’s prices are often not the best on newly-released MegaHouse figures.