One Piece POP Roronoa Zoro Edition Z Figure Review & Photos

As we’re still condemned to the barren wasteland of non-existent One Piece figure news, it’s time I move on to my review of the next character in the One Piece Film Z POP figure collection. Though he wasn’t the last of the five One Piece P.O.P. Edition-Z figures to be solicited, he is the one that showed up last in stores. The One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro is available now for the drastically reduced price of about $60 shipped–should you buy one? Read on…

MegaHouse One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro Excellent Model 2014The Right:

By the time MegaHouse debuted the prototype of this One Piece Z POP Roronoa Zoro figure, we’d already seen the One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero and Grandline Men figures of Zoro in his Film Z attire. Both of those figures had Zoro sculpted in a very static standing pose, and I fully expected the MegaHouse version to be more of the same.

One Piece Film Z Roronoa Zoro Statue MegaHouse 2014

Instead, MegaHouse shocked the One Piece collecting world by hitting us with a totally fresh, action-oriented One Piece P.O.P. Edition Z Roronoa Zoro figure! While Bandai has previously released a pair of Battle Ver. Roronoa Zoro figures in the One Piece Figuarts Zero lines, this is the first-ever dynamic One Piece Portrait of Pirates Zoro figure.

Kudos to MegaHouse for giving us something different and unexpected with this Zoro statue!

Roronoa Zoro One Piece Film Z POP Box SideZoro comes in the same style of red One Piece Film Z themed box with die-cut “Z”s on the sides as the other figures in the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Edition-Z series. I loved this style on the other figures in this series, and I love it here as well.

One Piece Z P.O.P. Roronoa Zoro Figure in PackagingOnce you pull the contents out of the jumbo-sized box (more on that in a bit), Zoro’s bubble has a lovely deep green backdrop insert behind it. The green insert makes a great background for taking photos and looks terrific!

Roronoa Zoro Edition-Z MegaHouse POP Figure and AccessoriesWhile the pose that Zoro is positioned in precludes many alternate body parts being included with the figure, but MegaHouse gave us some worthwhile accessories with Zoro anyway. Zoro includes a total of three heads to choose from, a figure display base (like all One Piece POPs), a jacket/cape, three unsheathed swords, and one alternate scabbard (with the third sword still in it).

MegaHouse One Piece Z Roronoa Zoro Figure wearing BandanaWith three heads, you can pretty much display Zoro any way you want. He has one regular head, one head with sword hilt sculpted into his mouth (for three sword style displays), and one head wearing a black bandana. I really like all three heads, and will probably end up regularly alternating which head Zoro has on in my display.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Edition-Z Roronoa Zoro ReviewThe large, flowing cape fits snugly over Z-Edition Zoro’s shoulders, and feels very light–totally unlike the coat that Edition-Z Sanji came with. Unlike Sanji’s jacket, this one is light enough that it won’t throw off Zoro’s balance.

One Piece Film Z POP Zoro Coat Jacket BackWhen using the three-sword style, this Roronoa Zoro statue has absolutely crazy dimensions! I had to back way up just to get all of the figure in the photo along with his three swords!

One Piece POP Film Z Roronoa Zoro Figure Using Three Sword StyleIt’s very difficult to see in photos, but MegaHouse actually used a very cool shiny green paint with glitter specks in it for the green sash around Zoro’s waist. In person this looks really snazzy contrasted against Zoro’s crimson and red outfit.

Back of Roronoa Zoro One Piece Film Z Portrait of Pirates FigureAs with the other POP One Piece Film Z figures, Edition-Z Roronoa Zoro comes with a shiny red figure display stand. I love the uniformity of all the display stands in this sub-series, and the stand is actually extra useful in this case, as Zoro doesn’t stand as stably as his predecessors unassisted.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro Figure Box BackThe Wrong:

Space is at an extreme premium in my apartment, so I let out a pretty disgruntled curse when I saw how absolutely gigantic the box for this MegaHouse One Piece Film Z Roronoa Zoro figure is. Seriously, this is a big box–probably the biggest since the one POP Sailing Again Franky came in last year. If you’re short on space (like I am), be very, very afraid.

One Piece POP Edition Z Roronoa Zoro Figure Box

As far as the actual POP Zoro figure itself goes, I have a few quasi-minor complaints. First, for some inexplicable reason, MegaHouse has applied brown “muddy” paint deco around Edition Z Roronoa Zoro’s boots.

This makes zero sense, as none of the other Edition Z Mugiwaras have any “dirt” on their feet. Zoro’s clothes are otherwise pristine, so the “realism” of having his boots be dirty seems out of place and a mite annoying to me.

One Piece P.O.P Roronoa Zoro Edition Z FigureThe other thing that bugs me, just a bit, is that poor Zoro seems a bit vertically-challenged… Or should I say “short”? Obviously this Portrait of Pirates Zoro is shorter than his previous incarnations because of the crouched down, attacking pose that he’s in. Even so, it looks rather strange to have Sanji and Luffy towering over Zoro. This isn’t technically wrong, but it does look weird and throws me a little.

One Piece P.O.P. Z Zoro Figure 2014 MegaHouse“Where Can I Buy It?!”

MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates Zoro Z Edition FigureAfter shipping, I paid about $100 for my One Piece Z POP Roronoa Zoro figure, but the POP Edition-Z Roronoa Zoro is currently available online discounted to about $60 shipped. It’s really a shame that the Film Z series of One Piece P.O.P. figures bombed, but these are some of the nicest figures ever of the Straw Hats and well worth the prices that they’re currently marked down to.

Overall: The MegaHouse Roronoa Zoro POP Edition-Z figure is an overall solid addition to the Portrait of Pirates line that earns a recommendation. While the sheer size of the figure’s box and length can make this Zoro Excellent Model a bit troublesome logistically speaking, it’s easily the most dynamic Roronoa Zoro statue that MegaHouse has ever created. While some of the paint deco on this figure (such as the muddy boots) doesn’t thrill me and he seems a mite short because of the pose he’s captured in, the figure makes up for this in sheer energy and distinctiveness from all the other Roronoa Zoro figures out there. Recommended.



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  1. the box size is ridiculous. I hope they make more of the film z straw hats, i have aspirations of owning them all. Also with this pop you cant pose zoro with his bandana and in 3 sword style, which is annoying because that’s how he fights in the movie

  2. Do you think it will come with the official Toei Sticker? I have ordered from Amazon before and the only figure that came legit was my new world franky

    • I’ve never received a bootleg from Amazon ever, and as you know I buy a LOT of figures. If it’s “shipped from and sold by Amazon” or is marked as a Japan import, you should be fine.

      Really, the only time you should ever be getting a bootleg is if the seller lists the figure as a “Chinese or Hong Kong version” or at TRUE bargain basement, “too good to be true” prices. The Film Z POP are discounted in Japan, which is why they’re also available discounted online.

      • Oh alright thank you so much, cause I don’t want to regret buying the figure if it turns out fake, umm why did the Z film figures do so bad? I didn’t understand when you said that

        • If you EVER receive a bootleg figure from Amazon, report it to their customer support immediately. They’ll refund you and make it right.

          As for why the Film Z figures sold badly–I think it’s mostly that they ended up coming out 6 months after the movie had already left theaters. The figures themselves are all outstanding.

          • Oh alright, I also saw that the robin z film figure in their store is also on sale, I love both figures but I only have enough for one, which one do you think I should get and is a better deal? Cause idk how long they’ll have them both for sale

          • Zoro figures tend to sell out faster and hold a higher value than Nico Robin figures, in general. I’d recommend Zoro, although personal preference should of course also be taken into account.

          • Alright then, thanks so much, I’ll be getting the zoro figure then, thanks so much for the info, also did you get the new Sengoku figure? I got mine 2 days ago and was just wondering if you got one as well

  3. It really is a shame that the film z line isn’t doing too well from what I could tell all the figures in it so far look pretty amazing and if I didn’t already by the Figuarts zero ones I’d be picking these up.