One Piece POP Sabo Figure Photos & Order Info!

One Piece Portait of Pirates collectors, rejoice! It’s really difficult to believe, but up until now there hasn’t been a single non-limited adult One Piece P.O.P figure out up for sale in 2015! That streak ends today, though, as two adults new to the line are now available. First up, we’ll talk about the man of the hour and this year’s hottest character: the One Piece POP Sailing Again Sabo figure is now up for order!

MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P Sabo Sailing Again Figure Poster

For the past several months, I’ve been giving the rundown on the first adult Sabo figures from every line out there other than the MegaHouse POP One Piece line. From Banpresto WCF to Bandai Figuarts Zero, every major line has solicited each one post-timeskip Sabo figure.

And now–finally–MegaHouse is joining the party with their very own Sabo Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again figure!

One Piece Sabo MegaHouse POP Sailing Again Figure with Fire Effects PiecesOne area where MegaHouse is capable of–and is going to–crush the competition is accessories for this Portrait of Pirates Sabo. This is one of the more expensive One Piece P.O.P figures produced in quite some time, so it would have to come through with some awesome accessories to be worth its cost. Thankfully, this timeskip Sabo figure does come with every accessory you could reasonably expect for him!

Back of One Piece POP Sailing Again Sabo FigureThe Sailing Again Sabo POP figure will include an awesome variety of accessories, including: the Flare Flare Fruit (the second time we’ve gotten a POP Devil Fruit!), three pairs of interchangeable arms, two interchangeable heads, five fire effects pieces, a figure stand and a steel pipe.

The steel pipe can either be attached to Sabo’s back or held in his arms, slung over his shoulder. Both poses look terrific, but I prefer having Sabo hold the pipe with the fire effects attached to it. Slick!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sabo Figure Close-UpAnd speaking of fire effects–in addition to the two flames that go on the ends of Sabo’s pipe, there’s also a pair of snap-on flames for his shoulders and a fire effects piece for his right arm. I wish Banpresto or Bandai would have thought of this!

MegaHouse Sabo POP Figure with Mera Mera No Mi Flare Flare FruitSabo’s goggles can either be placed on his neck or on his top hat, depending on which head you’re using on the Sabo POP. It looks as if his smiling head will only be hatless, while his pissed-off head will always have the hat attached.

It’s possible that the faces are interchangeable face plates and you can use either face with or without the hat, but the poster doesn’t show that.

Sabo Portrait of Pirates Timeskip New World Figure GogglesThe MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P. Sabo figure is now available for order, and is scheduled to ship in September 2015. It would be a shocker if MegaHouse didn’t reissue Sabo in 2016, but if you want him in 2015–and I know that I most certainly do–then you’re going to want to make sure to reserve one before they sell out.

How do you like MegaHouse’s first-ever adult Sabo figure, One Piece collectors? Will you be adding this timeskip Sabo figure to your collection, or do you prefer one of the other (cheaper) Sabo figures shown off previously from other One Piece toy lines?

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