The new year has just begun, but already my early pick for my favorite MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P figure of 2014 has arrived! Recently, MegaHouse has started a trend of recreating and improving past Portrait of Pirates figures such as Red-Haired Shanks and Mihawk Hawkeye. That trend continues into the new year with a new version of an old favorite who’s rarely captured in toy form these days. Just released in Japan and now available for order–it’s the One Piece P.O.P. DX Princesss Vivi Nefertari figure!

One Piece POP Princess Vivi Nefeltari Box 2014The first time I watched the Alabasta arc of the One Piece anime, I was not enamored with Princess Vivi Nefeltari. To be blunt, she seemed like a whiny and useless character. As always, though, Oda-sensei worked his magic with the character, and by the time we said good bye to Vivi, she had become a sentimental favorite.

One Piece Vivi Nefertari Portrait of Pirates 2014 Figure

Unfortunately, despite my affection for the character, I’ve never owned a figure of Princess Vivi of Alabasta before. Bandai and Banpresto have never released Vivi in Grandline Men, SCultures or Figuarts Zero figure form, and I’ve always thought that the original One Piece POP Neo Vivi Nefertari figure looked downright awful.

So when MegaHouse announced this new Princess Vivi figure last fall, I was overjoyed and had sky-high expectations.

MegaHouse One Piece POP 2014 Vivi Close-Up Packaged Thankfully, MegaHouse has met and exceeded all of my expectations with their Portrait of Pirates 2014 Vivi figure! The new Vivi Nefeltari POP Excellent Model is, in short, amazing.

One Piece POP DX Vivi Nefeltari Figure Overhead ViewThe MegaHouse 2014 Vivi Nefertari figure features some of the most well-done and visually-appealing paint deco that I’ve seen on any OnePiece figure ever released. All of the paint appears to be masterfully applied, and the golden accents of Vivi’s jewelry really make the figure pop.

2014 One Piece P.O.P. DX Vivi in Bubble PackagingThe MegaHouse P.O.P DX Vivi Nefertari figure doesn’t come with a whole lot of accessories–she only comes with an extra head, a pink figure display stand, and a removable cape.

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Vivi Nefertiri Figure BackThe cape itself is rather plain on the back, but it nicely complements the colors of the figure and is authentic to its appearance in the One Piece manga and anime.

MegaHouse 2014 P.O.P. Vivi Without CapeAs lovely as the Vivi statue looks wearing the cape, she looks a lot more natural to me sans the cape. For whatever reason, whenever I picture Vivi in my mind, she’s not wearing a cape.

Back View of One Piece MegaHouse Vivi Nefertari 2014 Figure ModelIf you do choice to remove the cape, take heart! The Portrait of Pirates MegaHouse Vivi Nefertari figure is just as beautifully and ornately detailed on the back as she is in the front.

One Piece POP Vivi Nefertari Figure Stand BaseA figure this pretty deserves an equally ravishing display stand, and MegaHouse has provided that in the form of Vivi’s pink and white figure stand. The dual colors of the base reflect Vivi’s attire perfectly while not distracting from the figure at all–in short, it’s the ideal stand.

One Piece P.O.P. 2014 Princess Vivi Figure Close-UpThe One Piece POP DX Vivi Nefertari figure has now been released and is available for order online. I pre-ordered my Princess Vivi P.O.P. DX figure last year, and will post photos and a review of the figure once I have it in-hand next month.

Based off of these photos of the just-released One Piece Portrait of Pirates Vivi Nefertari model, will you be ordering this newest (and in my opinion, best-ever) Princess Vivi figure, One Piece collectors?


CrowMaiden · January 25, 2014 at 12:56 am

I would really love to see MegaHouse do a complete line of the Supernovas, pre- or post-timeskip. Mostly I’d love to see X Drake, or Hawkins. Anything but more Law.

This lady is gorgeous though~ She was such a sweet character by the end of that arc, but I honestly don’t think I’ll buy her.

Masy · January 25, 2014 at 10:14 am

Ur wrong, Banpresto did make one Vivi Figure same size as Grandline figures! It’s the Snap Girl one (wich I got) 😉

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