One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sengoku Figure Photos & Order Info!

Fleet Admiral Sengoku is one of those niche characters that hardcore One Piece collectors have been asking MegaHouse for for years, but I genuinely thought that Sengoku ever seeing a release as a One Piece P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates figure was a real longshot. Had I bet against Sengoku in Vegas, however, I’d be out a whole lot of money! First seen during summer 2013, MegaHouse has now unveiled official photos of the One Piece POP Sengoku figure and shared the details of his 2014 release!

MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P. Sengoku Figure Promotional PosterSengoku the Buddha functions as the leader of the Marines throughout the first half of the One Piece manga and the first 500 episodes of the One Piece anime. Thus, even though he doesn’t get a whole lot of action, he’s a truly significant character that One Piece fans have been requesting a release for in a major One Piece figure line for quite a while. The fans’ pleas have not fallen on deaf ears, as MegaHouse is officially bringing out the first-ever major figure release of Fleet Admiral Sengoku in Q1 2014!

One Piece Sengoku Portait of Pirates Figure with Seagull

Honest to god, I have always pictured a possible MegaHouse Sengoku figure in my mind in exactly the default pose that MegaHouse has chosen for the figure–Fleet Admiral Sengoku standing stalwartly with his arms crossed and a serious frown upon his face.You stole my genius, MegaHouse!

Truthfully, though, this is the iconic look for Sengoku and MegaHouse has hit it dead-on. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t a couple of fun alternate things you can do with the character…

Sengoku Portrait of Pirates LIMITED MegaHouse FigureWhile it’s not exactly using his full power, the alternate Portrait of Pirates Sengoku pose with his left sleeve pulled back and his arm clutched tightly in a fist is definitely an intimidating one (especially when coupled with the alternate angry/yellowing Fleet Admiral Sengoku face plate)!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sengoku Limited Figure without Hat and JacketAnd yes, in case you want a few more customization options (or just can’t stand the silly seagull on top of Sengoku’s hat), both the Fleet Admiral Sengoku Portrait of Pirates figure’s hat and his jacket are removable (although Sengoku looks kind of weird without his signature attire on!).

Back of One Piece P.O.P. Sengoku Figure CoatIn what I’m sure is going to be a big disappointment and source of frustration for many collectors, MegaHouse has chosen to make Sengoku a One Piece Portrait of Pirates Limited Edition figure. The figure will only be available via pre-orders from select stores such as the MegatreaShop and the Bandai Premium web store. What this boils down to is that, like POP Sadi-chan, Sengoku is going to be more expensive and harder-to-get for international collectors. Joy!

One Piece P.O.P. Fleet Admiral Sengoku Figure MegaHouse 2014The One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sengoku Limited Edition figure is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2014. He has a pre-order price of 9870 yen (which is higher than usual for a One Piece P.O.P. figure). I’ll update this post with pre-order links when Sengoku P.O.P. orders open up via online stores, and you can ‘Like’ One Piece Z on Facebook to have One Piece figure news, photos and updates sent straight to your Facebook Newsfeed.


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