One Piece SCultures Crocodile Figure Banpresto Series 2 Released!

If slow and steady wins the race, then Banpresto has absolutely nothing to fear with their One Piece SCultures Series 2 figures. The six figures selected for the Series 2 One Piece SCultures assortment were first shown at the end of 2012, and slowly but surely, they’ve been trickling out to happy collectors’ hands over the course of 2013. Releases started with the SCultures Shirahoshi and spread to the always-popular Perona, and the latest has just arrived last week: the Banpresto One Piece SCultures Crocodile figure is now available for order!

One Piece SCultures Crocodile Box BandaiIn the One Piece manga and anime, Mr. 0–Crocodile–is the first overarcing villain that the Mugiwaras are forced to contend with. The Shichibukai Crocodile commands the entire Baroque Works organization, seeks to overthrow the kingdom of Alabasta, comes closer to killing Luffy than almost any other adversary, and dreams of killing Whitebeard himself. Clearly, Crocodile is a pretty big deal in the OnePiece universe.

One Piece SCultures Series 2 Crocodile Mr. 0 Figure Close-Up

That said, Crocodile really hasn’t had the surplus of merchandising that you might expect from such a significant villain. There’s a nice-looking Figuarts Zero Crocodile figure and a Portrait of Pirates Crocodile (as well as a P.O.P. Crocodile repaint coming in 2014), but all of those figures have one thing in common: they’re very static, museum-like figures. Not really suitable for showing off the deadliness of one of the most formidable logia-type devil fruit users in the OnePiece universe.

Bandai SCultures Crocodile Figure Back Series 2 2013But what’s this! Banpresto has swept in to the rescue, bringing with them the most dynamic, action-oriented OnePiece Crocodile figure ever! With his coat blowing in the wind, his hook hand poised to strike, and his right hand grasping menacingly, this is easily the most compelling Crocodile OnePiece figure ever conceived.

Crocodile SCultures One Piece Figure Bandai 2013 Mr. 0With beautiful sculpting and top-notch paint applications, this Crocodile figure exceeds all of my expectations for him and is definitely the best Banpresto SCultures Series 2 figure thus far. We can only hope that Brook, Blackbeard and Hody Jones come out this well!

The Banpresto One Piece SCultures Series 2 Crocodile figure has now been released overseas, and is available for order online. Banpresto products have very poor international distribution, so if you want Crocodile, you’re much better off ordering from an overseas seller than hoping the figure becomes available internationally in your country.

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