One Piece SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy Figure Review!

With MegaHouse and Bandai rarely releasing interesting figures these days, we’re missing out on getting some major character versions in the One Piece Portrait of Pirates and Figuarts Zero figure lines. Luckily, Banpresto has been picking up the slack with their One Piece SCultures, and their latest gift to One Piece figure collectors is the SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy figure that’s now available for order! He’s slightly smaller than I’d like, but otherwise an awesome figure…

One Piece SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy Figure ReviewThe Right:

This is the part where I could go off on a long-winded rant about the treatment Bandai Japan and MegaHouse have been giving One Piece toys for the last year or so, but I’ve done that ad nauseam at this point, so I’ll forgo doing so again.

That said, let me give yet another huge commendation to Banpresto for continuing to cater to One Piece fans, giving us characters and versions that no one else will. Thank you, Banpresto!

One Piece SCultures Luffy Fourth Gear Statue BoxLike all One Piece SCultures, Fourth Gear Luffy comes inside of a cardboard art box in several pieces.

Fourth Gear Luffy SCultures Figure Unassembled PiecesThe pieces fit together perfectly, and unless you’re specifically trying to see the seam under his neck by looking at the figure from below, you’re never going to see or be distracted by the seams on this figure at all.

Banpresto Luffy Fourth Gear Figure Six Inch

Because Bounce Man Luffy has disproportionately tiny legs on a gargantuan body, this Monkey D. Luffy figure needs to be attached to the included black rocky base in order to stand up. The base is unassuming and does its job admirably. No complaints.

The most striking part of the figure is the effect of the Haki-coated limbs on Luffy. Banprestos smartly chose flat matte paints for most of the figure, but painted the limbs in a high-gloss, shiny paint.

Banpresto SCultures Colosseum Gear Four Luffy FigureThe contrast between the Haki arms and legs and the rest of the body looks outstanding and really makes this figure an eye-grabber.

Back of Gear Fourth Luffy Figure BanprestoI was also really happy with how well-painted the sunflowers are on the Luffy “Lucy” gladiator shirt. You would think there would be all kinds of errors painting such a complex pattern on a wavy shirt, but the paintwork on the Gladiator Lucy sunflower shirt is impeccable.

One Piece Fourth Gear Luffy PVC Figure Statue SCulturesI also really love the spiky, “Super Saiyan”-like hair in this SCultures Luffy Fourth Gear figure and the dark outlines around the eyes. This look reminds me so much of Nightmare Luffy from Thriller Bark–and that’s a very good thing!

Luffy’s straw hat is non-removable, but I like the dynamic way it’s been sculpted hanging on Luffy’s back as if it’s being blown by the wind.

Fourth Gear Luffy Figure One Piece SCulturesThe Wrong:

There’s only one thing about this SCultures Luffy Fourth Gear figure that disappoints me, and it’s the size of the toy. I’ve gotten a little bit spoiled lately with larger figures such as the excellent SCultures Sabo and Strong World Luffy figures that are large enough to fit in almost seamlessly with the MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates figures.

Unfortunately, this Gear Four Luffy SCultures figure is smaller than those masterpieces, standing only about 6″ tall.

This Luffy’s size makes him about the right scale to display with Bandai Figuarts Zero figures, but I would have preferred a larger, P.O.P scale personally since I doubt MegaHouse is ever planning to give us a Fourth Gear Luffy.

Banpresto One Piece Fourth Gear Luffy SCultures Figure ReviewOverall: Banpresto has done it again with another spectacular One Piece SCultures statue release. They’re the first to market with a Fourth Gear Luffy today, and with stellar sculpting and clever paint deco, this one is going to be tough to beat. I’m slightly underwhelmed by the relatively small six inch size of this figure, but the figure itself is absolutely top-notch. Excellent work by Banpresto yet again.



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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. I agree that this type of figure DESERVES to be larger to represent moment when we first saw gear fourth!