One Piece Scultures Luffy Strong World Review & Photos

Let there be absolutely no doubt about it: we are living in a very dark time for One Piece collecting, with the two “main” One Piece toy lines (MegaHouse POP and Bandai Figuarts Zero) on life support. But there are still some real gems out there, and one of them is the subject of today’s review! You can get the Strong World Luffy SCultures figure for $22 shipped onlineand you definitely should do so!

Banpresto SCultures IV Monkey D. Luffy FigureThe Right:

While Bandai Japan and MegaHouse are currently releasing next-to-nothing and ridiculous garbage (respectively), there’s at least one company out there that’s still fighting the good fight and putting out fun, exciting One Piece toys and collectibles–Banpresto!

The legendary One Piece WCF series is still chugging hundreds of figures later, but today I’m talking about a line that’s captures my heart more than any other One Piece figure line going: SCultures.

One Piece Strong World Monkey D. Luffy SCultures FigureJust how wacky and crazy does Banpresto get with the One Piece SCultures? Well, let’s put it this way: their latest Monkey D. Luffy figurine comes from the years-old One Piece Strong World film. No, really. And let me tell you–it is awesome.

Banpresto Luffy SCultures Figure RunningRather than giving us the eight millionth “museum pose” of Monkey D. Luffy standing around, we get this very unique statue of SCultures Luffy captured mid-stride, running as he did during the opening portion of One Piece: Strong World.

SCultures Volume 4 One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Statue BanprestoThis dynamic pose is absolutely bursting with personality, and is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to Luffy figurines.

SCultures Luffy Strong World ReviewRather than a serious or jolly-looking Luffy head sculpt, we get an open-mouthed, terrified/angry portrait this time around–and it’s a beauty. This is the most authentic-looking Luffy face I’ve seen on a toy since, well… maybe ever! This Banpresto Luffy captures Oda-sensei’s style in ways that few figures do.

One Piece SCultures Series 4 Luffy Figure UnassembledThe One Piece SCultures Monkey D. Luffy figures comes in six pieces that fit together tightly and absolutely seamlessly. If I hadn’t assembled this toy myself, I would literally have no idea it wasn’t one solid piece to begin with.

Side View of Banpresto SCultures Luffy Vol IV FigureThe paint deco here is drop-dead gorgeous. There’s paint detailing on absolutely everything on this figure–from the subtle grass-stains on the bottom of Luffy’s shorts to the dark wash on his hat and handheld stick, the paintwork here is nothing less than masterful.

Back of One Piece SCultures Strong World Monkey D. Luffy FigureThe sculpting work on this figure manages to stay at the level of the super-high bar set by the paint apps, with an astonishing level of detail on everything from Luffy’s canteen to his messenger bag to his hat.

Close-Up of Banpresto SCultures One Piece Strong World LuffyFrankly, there’s more quality and detail on this $20-ish Banpresto SCultures figure than I’ve seen on a Bandai Figuarts Zero or MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates figure in years. Banpresto seems to have included an ingredient here that Bandai and MegaHouse have clearly forgotten: passion.

Banpresto Luffy Strong World SCultures StatueThe Wrong:

If I had to pick one thing that I dislike about this figure, it would be a easy choice: it’s the color of the figure stand. No, really.

Unless you have the grace of God (Enel) on your side, this SCultures Strong World Luffy figure ain’t standing without this stand. And unfortunately, the stand is translucent black and very obvious. A clear stand would have been a far better choice, as it would have made it look like Luffy was truly running–and not balancing precariously on a black pole.

Some might consider this a nitpick, but it’s the one thing about this Monkey D. Luffy SCultures statue that I don’t care for.

One Piece Strong World Movie SCultures Vol. 4 Luffy FigureOverall: If it wasn’t for Banpresto, I don’t know where One Piece collectors would be right now. This One Piece Strong World Luffy SCultures figure is available for $21 shipped right now, and is my favorite figure I’ve gotten from any toy line in many months. This is the best-looking Luffy action figure head sculpt I can remember ever, and a PVC figure that I am downright in love with. If you’re on the fence about this figure–don’t be. Buy it now while it’s cheap, because you definitely won’t regret it.


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